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Managed Services from Unified Technologies

If you’re in decision mode about your phone system, then we have some information than can help.

If you’re considering a large capital expenditure on your phone and that aligns with your budgeting plans, then this guide might not be very useful. If however, you’re hoping to avoid a large capital investment in a phone system, then you’ll want to download this information before you make your decision.

If leasing your phones sounds like a more scalable solution than buying a lot of equipment you have to maintain, then a Managed Services Phone System is likely the solution for you. If you’d rather not hire staff to maintain your phone equipment and keep it updated over the years, then a Managed Services Phone System is likely the solution for you. If you’re hearing about how great the cloud is, but you still see some benefits in a premise based solution, then a Managed Services Phone System is likely the option for you.

So download the information and see if a Managed Services Phone System is the option for you.

In the Managed Services infographic, you will discover…

  • The lifetime cost of ownership for the traditional model and managed services model
  • The depreciation of the traditional model vs. our flat rate
  • The benefits of an outsourced telecom management system
  • Our ability to grow with your business

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Managed Services - Infographic

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