An effective and comprehensive structured cabling network is the cornerstone of a majority of our projects. We ensure that the highest quality grade cable is laid properly from the start to build the foundation upon which we build a complex, or even simple, voice/data network. We maintain BICSI standards in all of our installations and have a thorough final walk thru and testing process with all of our projects.

Unified Technologies structured cabling solutions consist of Category 5 Enhanced, Category 6, Category 6 Augmented, High Pair Count Copper or Fiber Optic Cabling.  Our technicians are well trained and certified in Leviton, Mohawk, General and Hilti, to name just a few.  Once a project is complete, we provide a copy of the detailed, full-page test report of each cable ID to ensure that the installation was done properly.

Structured Cabling


Sound Masking

With office spaces becoming more open and interactive, the covering up of unwanted or background noise is becoming highly desirable. We offer high quality sound masking products that help make any type of work environment more comfortable.

Often, sound masking systems are less expensive than architectural solutions in covering-up or absorbing background noise.  And, productivity is proven to increase 3 to 20 percent per employee with an effective system – giving an immediate return on investment on sound masking. Check out other inventions that have changed the workplace here!



Paging systems are often necessary in many types of corporate environments, and we understand that they must be designed to be as minimally intrusive to employees and/or customers as possible.  Our paging system designers take the time to survey and understand an office or warehouse environment, measure the appropriate db levels of the space along with the length, width and height of the building, and ultimately configure a design that is beneficial to everyone.


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