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Are you looking to revamp your contact center and deliver better customer experiences? An end-to-end contact center suite offers you the opportunity to do just that. Take a look at some of the ways modern contact center solutions can help improve efficiency and productivity in your contact center:

Embrace Multiple Channels

A recent study of customer service preferences1 indicated that less than half (41%) of U.S. consumers will pick up the phone when needing help while an additional 47% indicated they will also use webchat, email, and other online outlets. If your contact center doesn’t support multiple communication channels, you could be missing out on opportunities to engage with customers. Offering a multi-channel experience is now part-and-parcel of creating top-notch customer experiences. Your company can either accept and embrace this trend or lose ground to competitors that do.

Move Beyond Basic Metrics

If you’re still relying solely on standard KPIs like average wait time, average call time and call resolution percentage, you’re only seeing a small piece of the contact center puzzle. When it comes to traditional measures, factors in the impact they’re having on customer satisfaction, call resolution, customer loyalty, and sales opportunities. To create a better customer experience, you need detailed information about how and why agents excel or struggle. Use these types of advanced call metrics to uncover the source of customer frustrations and minimize them by making appropriate changes to how your technology is structured or agents are trained.

Stay Proactive

Staying proactive is key to delivering exceptional customer experience. Make sure your contact center solution is flexible and delivers monitoring tools such as real-time dashboards so you can prevent spikes in call volumes and identify issues before they arise. Utilize custom IVR greetings so you can alert callers of the issue and route them to a designated queue. This will eliminate transfers and free up your queues to alleviate common customer frustrations.

Consolidate Your Agents’ Workspace

Integration with your CRM, ERP and other technology solutions is a must these days. Modern solutions deliver APIs and native integrations, making it easy to create a single workspace for your agents. If your agents are required to juggle multiple systems, determine which solutions could be consolidated to provide a single source of information. Integrated features not only save time and provide you with a consolidated view of your operations but also provide better data integrity and allow for a more personalized customer experience since the agent has customer history immediately at hand.

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