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The “School Safety and Resiliency Act”

Also known as SB 1, Senate Bill 1, was finalized and passed in 2019. School districts across the state of Kentucky are now in the planning stages to improve the security of their schools.

At Unified Technologies, we are about Connecting and Protecting people. When it comes to children, there is nothing more important than keeping them safe while they are developing into the young men and women that will make up our tomorrow!

New security measures now required by Senate Bill 1 are expected to be in place this year. With the addition of on-site staff, security hardware, and software upgrades, it is easy to see that this new law is a fairly comprehensive approach to improving the overall safety of our schools.

Though select schools already have some of these practices in place, for many Kentucky schools the new law is a long-awaited celebration and a milestone in an effort to help our schools stay safe.

New Facility Security Measurements Now Required by Senate Bill 1

1. Access control on exterior doors during school hours
2. Main entrance with electronic door locks, camera, and intercom system
3. Access control to individual classrooms
4. Door locking hardware locked from the outside but opened from the inside.
5. Classrooms remained locked during teaching times
6. Classroom doors with window panes are to be equipped with “cover” that can quickly be engaged during a lockdown.
7. Visitor ID and Authentication
8. Visitor ID Badge to be worn on an outer garment

Gallagher - a certified security partner meeting Senate Bill 1 expectations

Working with a Certified Security Partner

With the numerous hardware upgrades that many schools will need to make along with the multitude of options to choose from, it can easily become confusing to know which security solution is right for you.

So how do you choose? We will refrain from boring you with the pros and cons of each option, but rather, talk about the partnership you should consider when choosing a security provider. At Unified Technologies, we partner with trusted manufacturers to bring some of the highest quality offerings available in the market. As a partner to you, we also offer a free Onsite Security Assessment that can help you identify areas of vulnerability beyond what is a law requirement. With over 800 years of combined industry experience and 24/7-365 support through our Gallagher partnership, we can provide a security solution that fits your school’s needs.

The Value of Integrated Security

As far as the SB1 is concerned, it is a fairly comprehensive approach to protect our children and keep our schools safe. That same effort is something you should consider when choosing a security solution. Integration is the key to a comprehensive approach to bring full control and visibly to your school’s security. Whether that be your door access, video surveillance, alarms, sensors, etc.

Improve Your Security in Phases

Because cost can be a factor; implementing your solutions in phases can be a great way to achieve your overall security goals. Perhaps video surveillance is a priority over door access and remote monitoring. You can slowly, but strategically build your solution from the ground up or add on to solutions you already have in place is just another way to save costs.

If you’re interested in the free security assessment we previously mentioned, it’s super easy to take that next step.

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