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Gain insight into what your customers experience

In most businesses, the majority of customer touches happen over the phone. These touches can be positive, neutral, or negative. Do you know what your customers experience when they call your company? Are they transferred unnecessarily? Do they get the right person quickly and on the first try? How long do they wait on hold? Maybe your groups are overstaffed. If your call groups’ queue times are flexible (i.e. customers are willing to wait longer), you could save dollars better spent in other areas of customer service. Unified analytics helps you build stronger relationships with your customers by helping you understand their experience when they call.

Manage employee productivity

Employee productivity is a direct indicator of how productive your company is. But what is employee productivity and how can you measure it? In a customer service group is how effectively your agents assist your customers; how long it takes to handle a call; what percent of calls are handled on the spot vs. transferred, etc. Inside Sales productivity (leads, sales, etc.) is determined by how many calls are made; how consultative they are in the process (length of calls), etc. Bottom line – you may know who your top performers are, but Unified Analytics helps you quantify what makes them top performers and where others need improvement. With Unified Analytics, you’ll not only know where things are running smoothly but also where you need to focus your efforts to dramatically improve productivity.

Easy access to information

The most powerful information is useless unless you can easily get it into the hands of people that can use it. With Unified Analytics, it’s simple to get information to the people that need it in the format that makes the most sense. Our entire service is web-based. All that is needed is a web browser, a username, and a password. In addition, Unified Analytics offers the most powerful Mitel automatic reporting scheduling system in the industry.

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