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Gallagher Command Centre

When it comes to the Gallagher solution, the key component that makes it so special is really the Command Center with its ability to give complete site control from a central platform. Command Centre is fully configurable to meet the unique needs of your site.

Command Centre provides centralized site visibility and monitoring, ensuring situational awareness for all buildings and the perimeter on both local and remote sites. Information is displayed in real-time, allowing a quick and accurate response to security threats, while data visualization and reporting enable you to make operational decisions with greater precision.

Fully scalable and supported by continuous investment in research and development, Command Centre will support your future growth and changing security requirements. Compliant with many requirements and standards globally, Command Centre also allows you to roll out the same security solutions in any location.

This is Command Centre, designed with your people, site, business and building management in mind.

Door Access Control

Whether there are 10 or 100,000 cardholders in your system, Command Centre allows you to efficiently and reliably manage all access permissions for employees, contractors, and visitors to your site.

Seamless integration allows Command Centre to interface to and exchange information with third-party systems, from HR systems to CCTV and elevators, allowing you to automate access decisions and proactively manage site access from one software platform. Schedules can be conveniently configured to control access to rooms and resources.

Building Automation

In a cost-driven and energy-conscious operating environment, you need to be sure that your building management services are running correctly and not consuming power and resources when they are not required. Integration with resource booking systems identifies when a room is not in use and grants the ability to turn off lights, air conditioning, heating and locks the door, creating significant cost and energy savings.

Make use of Gallagher’s online booking interface to schedule and timetable rooms and resources. Via the online platform, rooms can be searched, bookings can be made or rescheduled and course timetables can be planned and auto-scheduled.

High-level communication between Command Centre and building management systems using the BACnet protocol allows you to streamline site operations. Monitor and control your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), air quality and other building management systems, saving you time and money.

Perimeter Control

Gallagher’s advanced perimeter security solutions are configured and controlled by Command Centre, to provide effective deterrence and detection on your site.

Reliable, robust perimeter status reporting removes the requirement for manual inspections and reduces the need for traditional physical security guards. Continuous measurement and intelligent monitoring can detect unauthorized entry or exit into defined areas on your site, triggering instant alerts. False alarms are reduced, allowing your guards to focus their attention where it’s most needed.

Video Surveillance

With Gallagher’s open API, just about any 3rd party IP camera can be used to integrate into the system. Command Centre Site Plans provide you with centralized site management visibility and video monitoring, for increased situational awareness across both local and remote sites. Your Command Centre operators can easily see activity on site, giving them the tools to manage any situation that arises and ensuring a fast, appropriate response to identified breaches.

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