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 When was the last time you looked over your internet and phone bill? Let’s face it, it is not something any of us would think to do on a regular basis. The problem is technology disruption happens so quickly and in little, as couple of years, your service could easily be over-priced, outdated, or not even relevant to your current business needs.  

1. You could be paying too much!

Prices drop when technology disruption comes to the carrier and phone space. What could have been a premium price only 3 years ago would now be considered overpriced when it comes to what you actually get with your service. At the end of your typically 3-year contract, instead of signing a new contract right away, it is always better to shop around for better deals.   

2. Your service could be outdated!

What was state-of-the-art only few years ago is considered bare minimum today with respect to performance. It used to be dial-up, ISDN, DSL and then Cable. Now we live in the world of Fiber. You need to make sure your needs and internet and phone service are in sync. Whether you are looking to expand the versatility of your meeting space with video conferencing, and collaboration applications or adding additional workspaces, the technology and bandwidth that exists today can improve your experience. 

3. Your solution may not be designed properly! 

Do you even need your current serviceIs your system designed correctly? Does your phone line come in on a dedicated analog phone line or do you have VoIP with SIP Trunking? Did you know SIP Trunking is more cost effective, easier to scale, and offers increased phone service reliability? Proper design is everything when it comes to cost savings 


We were able to help a customer identify they were still paying for a T1 connection that they thought they had turned off a year prior. That single T1 connection was costing them a $1000 per month for 18 months. This is just one example of how a Carrier Audit can help identify cost saving, outdated service, and irrelevant service.  

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