Unified Technologies and Louisville Bats Baseball

A Grand Slam Relationship

It’s official, Google Fiber is no longer going to be an option in Louisville. Though sad for enthusiasts and brand loyalists alike, the good news is that your local business will still have options.


Carrier diversity is strong in Louisville

In Louisville, we will still have a choice among carrier providers — Spectrum, AT&T, and Century Link to name a few. So, what does Google’s exit mean for your business? Well, to be perfectly clear, it doesn’t mean a whole lot other than one less option to choose from and perhaps a bit of annoyance from an end user perspective. While Google completely phases out its service, the one thing to keep in mind is to evaluate the options available to you.


Design engineering matters

When considering your bandwidth needs, determine how you want to architect your network. Make considerations for voice and data that allow for adequate bandwidth. In today’s world, you have multiple options when it comes to bandwidth. It is possible that the right design is separate networks for voice and data. Know that your partner understands your business demands and engineers appropriately.


The future is coming

With the advent of 5g, cellular capabilities will not only provide a means for redundancy but also for supplemental or replacement opportunities in the future. Think outside of the box and ensure that you have a technology partner that is thinking strategically with you. If the Google announcement has got you thinking, let’s schedule a conversation (link to existing schedule consultation LP) to talk about your options and how you can take advantage of the best technology for your phone and internet service.


In technology, just like life, possibilities are endless.   Even with Google Fiber exiting Louisville, the options available to your business are many.  Our desire is to be your partner in evaluating the options and determining the right solution to enable your business. – Scott Diamond







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