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The need for robust cybersecurity is growing, but what about physical security?

Now more than ever, security is top-of-mind for companies around the world. In today’s tech economy, cybersecurity reigns as king and the utmost important piece of the puzzle when it comes to protecting what matters most to a company’s success – sensitive, proprietary, or confidential information such as credit card numbers, customer data, trade secrets, or matters of national security. Data needs to be protected and handled properly. The negligence to do so can easily be the demise of any successful business.

But what about physical security? How can this be relevant in preventing or allowing a possible data breach to your company? Do you know your areas of vulnerability? Are you PCI DSS Requirement 9 compliant or impacted by the GDPR regulations due to poor physical security?

Nothing out of the ordinary

It is 7:45 am on a Monday morning and your employees begin to trickle in to start their work week. They scan their credentials as they enter the building. Some are in uniform and others in business attire as is normal due to the diversity of roles and responsibilities for each department. With such a large number of employees, not everyone knows each other but, there is a friendly culture throughout the company. Everyone says hello and good morning as they open doors and hold the elevators for one another. The Security guard at the front desk is super friendly and known by his first name by a number of employees. He takes his job seriously and always follows protocol, and today is no exception.

It seems to be a normal, busy Monday morning as meetings are held and progress is made to meet business goals for 2019. The day seems to slip away with enthusiasm and momentum for the days ahead. As you plan to leave the office to go have quality time with family, you receive a phone call from your admin… “we’ve been compromised.”

A protocol is followed, your customers are informed, security is heightened, legal gets involved and the investigation begins. You spend the next six months to a year saving relationships and gaining back trust. Instead of building your business you are now salvaging what’s left. So much for 2019.

Why cybersecurity alone is not enough

It turns out that one of the employees that came through the door was not an employee at all. Unauthorized personnel secretly copied an employee’s credentials with a $30 device purchased from the internet and gained access to a sensitive area or your building. Your new firewall was rendered useless.

Cybersecurity protects you from outside threats trying to penetrate your network, but what happens if a hacker gains access to your physical building?

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Servers, laptops, workstations, wireless access points, network jacks, telecommunications lines, backups, paper records, and external hard drives are all assets at risk if unauthorized persons gain access to your physical building. You could have the best cybersecurity software available but now it is rendered useless because the breach was originated from a hacker in your building.

A state-of-the-art physical security solution that gives you the ability to integrate with your business systems; including a Command Center with Door Access, Perimeter Control, Building Automation, and Video Surveillance can be the perfect solution to protect what matters most to you.


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