Customer Spotlight: ImpactV

Customer Spotlight: ImpactV

Last month we installed a phone system for ImpactV who joined our team in May. It was a pleasure working with this group and we wanted to spotlight them this month because of all the good they are doing for local non-profit organizations. Here’s a little more about Impact V from their CEO, Sheryl Rainey.

Customer Spotlight: ImpactV

Tell us about your company and what you do.

Several like-minded local non-profit organizations have come together to form a Shared Services Group,  named ImpactV,  to provide centralized financial services to the core partner agencies. The core partners of ImpactV are Family & Children’s Place, The Center for Women and Families, Boys & Girls Haven, Dreams With Wings, and Zoom Group. ImpactV services will also be offered to other non-profit organizations in the community for purchase in the near future. The ImpactV team consists of 18 employees from the accounting and finance teams to the 5 founding agencies.

The success of ImpactV will remove hurdles for leaders as they will no longer be pressed to divide their time and efforts between the mission of their organization and managing a wide array of back-office demands, including administration, finance, human resources, information technology, and compliance. Our goal is to give nonprofits a way to spend more of their funds on the mission of their organization and less on back office functions. We will provide high-quality solutions that will assist the nonprofits with mitigating risks that can result from pressure to reduce overhead costs.

What drew your company to make a connection with Unified Technologies?

Several of the founding member agencies of ImpactV already worked with Unified Technologies and had wonderful things to say about Unified. Andrea Overton had already heard of the mission of ImpactV and she understood the tremendous benefits that ImpactV will bring to the five founding agencies, other nonprofits in our community, and ultimately to the individuals served by nonprofits. She was passionate about providing us with the best solution and tools to help us achieve our goals.

How has using Unified benefited you and your company?

The Unified Technologies team worked tirelessly with me as I managed the ImpactV funds very judiciously. Andrea and the entire Unified team created a solution that exceeded our expectations and then provided top quality training. As a new start-up company owned by 5 nonprofits, we had no credit history and no guarantors to help secure reasonable financing for the phone system. The leadership at Unified Technologies created a payment solution that allowed us to provide our team with the best phone system.

If you could describe Unified in one word, what would that be?


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