Cherishing The Moms Of Unified Technologies

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As we all just recently celebrated Mother’s Day, I was reflecting on something my mom taught me when I was 11. She taught me how to sew and it’s a skill I still use almost every day. Whether it’s out of necessity (who doesn’t need a Derby shower curtain) or fun and relaxation, sewing is a huge part of my life and I’m grateful to my mother for teaching me this skill.

I wondered what skill or lessons my fellow teammates here at Unified have learned from their moms, so I posed the question. The answers cover a vast array of wisdom and skill. I’ve discovered that there are a lot of amazing, wise women out there.

Cherishing The Moms Of Unified Technologies

Advice, Skills, And Life Lessons Learned From Our Moms

The question received a lot of fantastic wisdom that brought up sweet memories. Jean Sandmann’s mom told her to “Appreciate flowers wherever you see them. Even if they are wildflowers in a field, they can be beautiful and lift your spirits on a bad day.”

Several moms focused on being kind to others:

“The best thing my Mom taught me was to never lose Faith in the Lord. To love and treat everyone with kindness because you never know what the person may be going through. Mom’s give you the type of advice that clings to your heart and never leaves you.”  Lynsey Nichols.

“You can do anything that you want to do!! And Be kind and love one another.” Scott Diamond’s mom.

“Always be kind and considerate to everyone, even a bit more to people who don’t exhibit those traits at all. One moment of kindness can change a person’s day.” Christian Beary’s mom.

“Be Kind & Understanding to people  because you never know what a person is going through in their life.” – Helen Clasby’s mom.

Some learned fun skills from their moms.

Chad Acree said his mom taught him “how to make yarn dolls… YAY childhood.” Ashley Pennington credits her mom for her Green Thumb. Brad Johnson said, “Before I set off for college, my mom taught me Basic Single Male Survival Skills: How to sew and how to make lasagna.”

Several, like Matt Tedford and Theresa Schell, were grateful that their moms taught them how to cook. Kathy Mallory’s mom “taught me to make the best homemade pizza dough ever when I was young and now my family and I make homemade pizzas every Sunday night.” What a great tradition to pass down!

And according to Julie Avery, her mom taught her to “hula hoop like a pro!” Jeff Welton said his mom taught him how to “Get a switch.” I’m guessing most of the younger readers will have no clue what that means.

And Joshua Foote said, “Well I was homeschooled, so, English, Math, History, Science, Geography, and I would say penmanship but that didn’t quite get through to me.”

More life lessons and quotable quotes:

  • “Your smile is your signature.” Angie Bailey’s mom
  • “Worry about your character and you won’t have to worry about your reputation.” Greg Phillips’ mother
  • “Everything in moderation” – Mama Vetter (Spencer Vetter’s mom)
  • “Treat others as you want them to treat you.” John Marshall’s mom
  • “Being stubborn and persistent is not a bad thing….” Tyler Parsons’ mom
  • “Never give up no matter the situation and the odds against you. There are always good days that come after crappy days. If you work hard and put in the time, you will be rewarded.” Matt Calloway’s mother
  • “Always do the right thing, never compromise your character for short-term gain.” Jody Vest’s mom
  • “Family comes first. Cherish every moment you have, both good times and bad times.” Lee Sander’s mom
  • Glenn Turner had 3 lessons from his mom:
    1. She taught all of us (5 kids) “right from wrong”. And if you forgot, she would kindly remind you!
    2. Always do your best. As the old saying goes, “Anything worth doing is worth doing well.”
    3. Last, but not least, she taught me how you should love your children. Without conditions and no matter what.
  • Mike Avery and Erica White saw their mom’s lesson first hand. Mike said “My Mom taught me the value of perseverance…by example!” and Erica says “My mother taught me strength and continues as she still battles MS every day.”
  • And maybe the best mom advice at all comes from Michael Gabhart’s mom who taught him “The importance of singing in the car (especially on the drive to work in the morning, right?)

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all of the amazing women out there that nurture and support the children of the world.

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