School Security Problems and Solutions

School Security Problems and Solutions

The increasing threat of school shootings and other malicious intentions means that school security is a quickly growing industry and prompts school personnel across the nation to renew their focus on enhancing daily security procedures.

School Security Problems and Solutions

We at Unified Technologies and Gallagher Security both believe that the cornerstone of a quality education is ensuring students feel safe at school. While there are many ways kids can feel unsafe when they go to school, our specialty is enhancing security through controlling access to buildings.

We know that school security is an always evolving and challenging hurdle, but when institutions partner with us, we can work together towards the goal of ensuring students’ safety and providing them a quality education. Below are some of the most prominent school security problems, their solutions, and a case study showing the efficacy of implementing our Gallagher Security Solutions.

School Security Problems

Navigating school security shouldn’t be left to just the Superintendent, or any one person, of any school district. It should absolutely be a team effort with outside help from school security experts. Traditionally, we have been known for our internal communication solutions, but find it pertinent to increase awareness of our security solutions as well.

The New York Times has kept track of data since the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012 showing that more than 400 people in over 200 schools have been shot in since then.

In 2005, the School Safety Advocacy Council‘s (SSAC) was established with the goal of, “providing the highest quality school safety training and services to school districts, law enforcement agencies and communities.” Organizations like these are leading the charge in school security.

However, as there are no national standards for school safety, it’s currently up to local security providers to lead the way in their own communities. At Unified Technologies, we see this as more of a necessary role to fill and nothing less. We want to help keep the kids in our community safe.

Sales of security equipment and services continue to increase year after year in light of other widely-covered events like the shootings in Parkland, Florida. It’s important for every organization, especially those in larger buildings that host or employee large groups of people, need to prioritize their building access and security.

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School Security Solutions

While Unified Technology has always offered access control and video surveillance, we have recently partnered with Gallagher Security to provide an entirely new level of access and business control. Access control is essential for schools and other businesses that now require more safety procedures in place.

We have the resources, knowledge, and experience to walk with key decision makers through the process of understanding and implementing security solutions to protect students and personnel inside while strictly controlling who has access inside the building.

Our access control system electronically regulates doors and elevators to address today’s 21st-century security challenges. The system is versatile, flexible, and scalable, which allows for easy customization. When there seems to be a threat, the building can be locked down with just the push of a button.

Gallagher Security Case Study

As an example of how our partnership with Gallagher Security can increase your school’s safety as well as save lives, below is a short story on how Gallagher’s solutions were put to the test in 2015 when there was an active shooter in a South Dakota high school they work with.

In 2013, the school started with access control, but quickly realized they were going to need a more comprehensive security system to care for their growing student body.

Gallagher was able to provide exactly what this school needed because they took the time to understand their specific needs and provided the flexibility to implement a tailor-made system that met all of the school’s particular requirements.

Because of this, the school was able to efficiently add on additional features like phone integration that allowed school staff to control doors from a desktop or smartphone.

In October 2015, they were confronted with an active shooter situation, which resulted in one staff member being injured. Further injuries were prevented due to the presence of Gallagher’s central management platform, Command Centre, which was activated by staff.

Once the emergency button was pushed, it took a total of four seconds for Command Centre to lock all outside doors, notify local authorities, and limit building access to emergency responders only.

Our kids deserve the best education and to feel safe while at school. Our partnership with Gallagher Security will ensure just that. Contact us to learn more about our school security solutions.

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