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A Grand Slam Relationship

The Lexington Housing Authority has been a partner of ours since December of 2009. They were one of our first multi-site installations and we are proud of our long partnership and friendship with this great organization. I asked Dan Milton, who works in the IT department, a few questions about his company. Here are his remarks.

1. Tell us about your company and what you do.

The Lexington-Fayette Urban County Housing Authority of Lexington, Kentucky, has been managing public housing and providing affordable housing opportunities in the Lexington community since 1934. The Lexington-Fayette Urban County Housing Authority manages more than 1,100 units of public housing, over 2,600 Section 8 vouchers, and offers home-ownership opportunities. We continue to create affordable housing initiatives and make them available to individuals and families in need.

I am the IT person. If it runs on electricity, I take care of it.

2. What drew your company to make a connection with Unified Technologies?

When the core team from USVD – that knows your company backwards and forwards and always gave you top tier support and service – goes and starts their own company, you must go with that!

3. How has using Unified benefited you and your company?

Unified has modernized our phone system. They helped to craft a phone system to work the way we need it to. They have always been there to help and assist in teaching how to use and administer the ShoreTel phone system and to perform the upgrades when needed.

4. If you could describe Unified in one word, what would that be?

Dedicated. I was going to say “There,” but that doesn’t sound as important as it really means. They are always “there” to help, just a phone call away, and usually can resolve the issue in minutes. It also helps that the ShoreTel system is crazy simple to administer and has rock solid reliability.

If you’d like to learn more about how Unified works with our partners, let’s connect!

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