About Our Breakthrough Partnership With Gallagher Security

While we have been providing surveillance and access control early on in our incorporation, we have recently partnered with Gallagher Security, a global company based out of New Zealand, to provide a whole new level of access and business control. Gallagher Security has many locations across the globe and provides security solutions to 160 countries around the globe. They are fairly new to the United States and we are proud to announce our partnership with them! Gallagher’s values align with ours extremely well. As companies, we are driven by solving problems, providing quality leadership, and acting with a sense of urgency.

About Our Breakthrough Partnership With Gallagher Security

We have teamed up with Gallagher Security as one of their certified security partners, which means we can offer our clients the best access control system available. Below is more about our partnership and how you can customize access control to fit your business’ needs.

About Our Breakthrough Partnership With Gallagher Security

Our partnership is breakthrough in the fact that when combined, our services allow you to have more control over your business than ever before. Here’s how:

Through Unified Technologies, your entire internal communication infrastructure can easily be revitalized through structured cabling, the perfect telecommunications platform, and audio/voice/and web conferencing options. As mentioned above, we’ve always provided access control, but Gallagher Security’s access control offers a whole new level of integration and control. The system can integrate with phone systems and other business tools already in place to give you seamless control and integration to all things business.

The Gallagher solution provides Grounds Security, Video Surveillance, Access Control, etc. all consolidated and accessible from one interface for complete management and review wherever you have internet access. 

It also provides access control systems that electronically regulate doors and elevators to address today’s real-world security challenges. This system allows you to control who has access inside, where they have access, and when. This system can also be easily customized to provide you, the business owner or manager, complete control over who is entering and exiting a building.

You need to protect your physical assets (the building and equipment within it) and your employees. Access control technology allows you to manage multiple access points to control risk, increase efficiency, ensure business continuity, and grow profitability.

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Seminars on the Latest in Surveillance and Access Control

Gallagher Security, like Unified Technologies, is also dedicated to ongoing support and training of their services, which is just another reason we work so well together. We’ve hosted several seminars to discuss the latest in surveillance and access control. We hope to host more in the future!

At these seminars, you can expect to hear about how you can:

  • Increase the safety of your employees
  • Protect your facilities and inventory
  • Easily access camera Images from Web and Mobile App
  • Hear from an Industry Expert on
    • Decision-making process
    • Implementation
    • Management and daily use
    • Effects on your business

But you don’t have to wait for a seminar. You can receive an no-obligation assessment of your current security measures. Just click below.

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