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Building Memorable Relationships during the Holiday Season

One of the core values here at Unified Technologies is building memorable relationships. There is no better time than the Holiday season to focus on this core value. The best part is that “building memorable relationships” isn’t just for your business relationships.

Building memorable relationships during the holidays

Let’s face it, the holiday season is often the hardest time of the year for a good number of people. So, anything that can be done to make things easier for folks during a potentially hard time is something we can get behind.

Here are some ways to continue to build memorable relationships, even during the holiday season.

Give thoughtful gifts.

Any gift you may give doesn’t have to break the bank. However, a thoughtful gift that shows you’ve been paying attention during the year means a lot. For example, did a coworker mention the upcoming arrival of a baby? Why not buy a box of diapers to help get their stockpile started? Perhaps, a hot cup of coffee for the dedicated crossing guard who has kept your children safe no matter the weather. No matter the gift, the thought that is put into it means a lot.

Pay it Forward

There isn’t anything like arriving at the drive-through window and finding out that the car ahead of you has paid your tab. What fun it is to be the car to start the tradition!
How about grabbing some extra change to keep in your car and putting money in meters that have expired, saving the car owner the headache of having to deal with a parking ticket. There is no good time for a parking ticket but it is especially rotten during the holiday season.


Taking the time to get outside of yourself is often a gift that turns out to be the most beneficial for the person doing the volunteer work. It could be something as simple as packing a food basket for a family you know could need some extra help during the holidays. Or even, taking the time to go help serve a meal at a homeless shelter. Doing those things will help others, but most of all help with your own perspective.

Reconnect with old friends(or clients)

Given that this time of the year isn’t always the easiest for everyone, making it a point to reconnect with old friends or former clients that have crossed your mind during the year is so important. A quick call, text, or email to say you are thinking of someone is a great place to start the reconnection process.

No matter the method, the holiday season is a great time to continue (or even begin) the process of building memorable relationships. We’d love to know your favorite way to build a memorable relationship.

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