Insider's Scoop From Our Interns

Insider’s Scoop From Our Interns

Our team here at Unified Technologies has grown with the addition of six interns between our Louisville and Lexington locations. Our Louisville location has four interns: Reed Hutchinson, Dylan Hass, Zach Welsh, and Jack Guttermuth, all students from the University of Louisville. Our Lexington office has two: Luke Buhe and George Williams who are students at University of Kentucky. As you’ll see from the answers below from all the guys, they are very involved within their communities as well as being a wonderful resource to us here at Unified Technologies. Below, they tell us a little bit about themselves in their own words.

Insider's Scoop From Our Interns

Our Louisville Interns, in order: Dylan, Zach, Reed, and Jack.

Our Lexington Interns: Luke (left) and George (right).

What are your responsibilities at Unified Technologies?

Reed: Currently I’m working in the marketing department and am working within our customer relationship management (CRM) system for one of our sales reps. I have data entry tasks and complete the contact information for potential clients and existing clients already in the system to meet strategic corporate initiatives. I help with any marketing needs that Teri U’Sellis, the Director of Marketing, may need assistance with on any given day.

“Having the interns around has given us a fresh perspective and a look at our company through younger eyes. I’ve asked Luke in our Lexington office to write a few blogs for us and he’s done a great job. Sometimes we are so deep in the trenches, it’s hard to step back and take a fresh look at what we could be doing in areas like social media.” Teri U’Sellis, Marketing Director.

Dylan: I also work within the CRM system for one of our sales reps, John Marshall. Just like Reed, I am tasked with data entry and completing the contact information for potential clients and clients already in the system. I also help with checking financial records for the company as needed.

Zach:  I work heavily in the CRM system here. I deal with a list of all installs that have been completed or are going to be completed. I help complete post-install surveys, recruit for seminars that we have coming up, and I help track upcoming opportunities in the next 30 days for the sales reps.

Jack:  I currently assist in the Accounting Department doing various accounting tasks such as job tracking, putting in open jobs, in process jobs, payroll, checking OCB’s, invoicing, and doing journal entries. The majority of my work is done in the CRM system as well, but I solely am assigned to accounting tasks that assist Chad Acree, our Senior Corporate Accountant.

What else are you involved in outside of being an Intern?

Reed: I’m super involved with Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE), at UofL. Currently, as the apparel chair, I enjoy being able to design shirts for the fraternity that people wear every day on campus. Whether it’s playing in intramural sports or participating in philanthropy events, PIKE consumes a lot of my time currently. During the summer, I enjoy going on the lake with my family. The lake for me is a wonderful escape from the otherwise busy and technologically filled life I live every day. As a junior at the University of Louisville, I stay busy with work to do for my classes, but when I’m not studying you can catch me hanging out with my friends.

Dylan: I am a part of Finance Club at the University of Louisville, and I am also an active member in PIKE. I love participating in Greek life events and anything that my fraternity participates in. I am an avid runner, and I love competing in marathons whenever I can. I am originally from Crown, Minnesota. Whenever I get the chance, I go back to my farm to visit. Usually, I spend my summers back home in Minnesota spending time with family and helping on the farm.

Zach: I am also a part of the PIKE fraternity at the University of Louisville, and I am a Senior Finance major. I am actively involved in the Airforce and regularly travel to different countries. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling to various places both leisurely and with the Airforce. I also enjoy working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle as much as I can. As a Senior, about to graduate, I am currently focused on life after college and what will come next for me.

Jack: I am a Junior Accounting major at the University of Louisville and I also am a part of PIKE. In my spare time, I really enjoy working out and running. I also find time to watch as much football and basketball as I can whenever I am not busy with school. There is a lot of school work to be done as a Junior Accounting major, but whenever I can find the time to take a break away from studying, I usually am hanging out with friends or the three other fraternity brothers that I live with.

How did you hear about Unified Technologies?

Reed: I heard about Unified Technologies through Zach Welsh and Jack Guttermuth. They were already interns here and they reached out to all the Business Majors in our fraternity about this internship possibility. Being a Junior Marketing Major at the University of Louisville, I jumped on this opportunity because I needed a marketing internship under my belt before graduation, and I wanted a job that applied to my major and gave me real-world experience.

Dylan: Just like Reed, I found out about Unified Technologies through Zach and Jack. As soon as they mentioned the opportunity to us I knew I had to take it. I was on the hunt for a fall internship for finance. I already had a finance experience from other jobs, so I thought this would be a great way to further expand my experience and knowledge.

Zach: I was recommended by PIKE’s current chapter advisor, Brent Seebohm, to come and work here at Unified Technologies. Brent knows Scott Diamond and thought that I would be able to contribute a great deal to the company. I thought that this opportunity would be a great way to gain connections and give me a chance to apply my finance skills.

Jack: I was brought in by Zach, he was already working here and he told me about this opportunity. I thought that it would be a great fit for me and aide me in my accounting background since that is my major at UofL. I also enjoy the fact that I get real accounting experience. That was a really attractive feature for me.

Glenn Turner, head of the Accounting Department at Unified says, “we’ve been very fortunate to have Jack intern in the Accounting department for the past 6 months. He’s extremely bright, has a great attitude and work ethic, and works well with the entire Accounting team and others throughout Unified. For us, his greatest strengths are his willingness to learn and his versatility. We know when we assign a task to Jack, it will be approached with great care and completed with quality. He has helped each person in the department and our team as a whole. We don’t necessarily need another full-time staff member on our team, but there are times of the month that are busier than others and it’s been nice having an intern jump in as we need them.” We are grateful to our interns and all that they bring to Unified Technologies.

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