We’re Evolving in Lexington!

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We’re Evolving in Lexington!

Throughout the past few months, we added a number fresh faces around our Lexington location. Our Unified Team has been expanding rapidly in every aspect throughout the past year. We enhanced our sales, operations, and project management teams along with adding two new interns. As a result of our rapid growth, we had to make some big changes around the office and will continue to innovate!

Getting to Know the Lexington Team

Walking around our Lexington location you will notice several new people. Our sales team added a new all-star named Greg Robinson, operations added some talent as well with an additional technician, Steve Ferrier, who is well versed in Mitel and ShoreTel products; and Todd Fredricks a new project managing superstar. To assist the growing team, we have added two new interns, Luke Buhe and George Williams.

Adapting to a new work place can be difficult. However, each new employee was greeted with open arms and quickly built friendships around the office. The grinning faces around the office got me wondering what was so special about being here. My curiosity got the best of me so I asked my fellow intern George Williams. “What do you enjoy the most about Unified Technologies?”

He noted his favorite part about being part of the Unified Team is the “family feeling.” He continues by adding, “Each day here is like hanging out with friends. It almost doesn’t seem like I’m at work.”

We’re Evolving in Lexington!

The Office Upgrades

Along with upgrading our team, we made some tremendous changes around the office. Ranging from adding new work spaces, desks, framing, and much more! Walking into our Lexington location you are immediately greeted with the grinning face of Kathy Brashear. She now occupies the brand-new receptionist desk we added to the lobby area at the front of the building. Along with the addition of the large receptionist desk, we had also installed two new work spaces for our interns. We love the feeling of having their very own workspace and being able to customize their area to fit their personalities.

When I asked Kathy about the recent changes around the office she enthusiastically said, “I love the changes! Not only does it improve the functionality of the office but the interior design looks outstanding as well. It truly is a beautiful place to work!”

Here at Unified Technologies, we will continue to grow and innovate. All of us look forward to the people who will join our team in the coming years and will always be ready to adapt to new changes. Unified Technologies is truly the best place to be in the Bluegrass! You may be able to get a tour of our Lexington digs if you sign up for one of our end user training sessions.  For a complete schedule of upcoming training in our Lexington office click here.

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