Solving Small and Medium Business Problems With Your ShoreTel Phone Analytics

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Solving Small and Medium Business Problems With Your ShoreTel Phone Analytics

We have a new product (since Q4 of 2016) that have been a tremendous help to our call process here at Unified. We call it Unified Analytics and it’s powered by Brightmetrics. We will be hosting a webinar on this product next Thursday, September 28th, from 10:00 – 11:00 EST.  In that hour we will explain how this software can provide everything you need to make sure calls into your business are being handled to your liking.

How Unified Analytics Works

The software works with the ShoreTel Phone system. It pulls data from the phone system and creates reports and dashboards so you can see how calls are flowing into and through your business. Companies with large ‘call centers’ are familiar with this type of technology and information. They use it all day to measure performance levels, call volume, hold times and more. Many small to medium size businesses don’t think they need something designed for a call center environment but it works at all levels.

As I was looking for more information and examples of how to use this in any size company, I came across an article on Brightmetric’s website that talks about using information gathered from phone system data to troubleshoot and problem-solve in small to medium businesses. It talks about the challenges faced while running an SMB that are often overlooked by vendors designing solutions for larger scale. The blog goes on to say that your phone system is the most common point of contact for your customers. There are opportunities to leverage a ton of data about your customer experience, your employee productivity, and to help you with important decisions such as staffing levels, scheduling, and training needs. Utilizing this data to make better-informed decisions on these issues can have a direct impact on your bottom line. That where Unified Technologies and the Unified Analytics product comes in. Not only can we provide the software that will gather this data, we will help you design dashboards and reports that give you exactly what you need to tweak your staff and call flow patterns to improve your customers’ overall experience.

Unified’s Project Managers are Here to Help

Our project managers are trained on this product and can assist in designing the right solution for your situation. We’ve seen a lot of products over the years but this one and the company behind it is quickly becoming one of our favorites.

Melissa Johnston, Louisville based Project Manager loves it. She says, “I am currently one of the heavier users (of this product) simply due to opportunity from managing the tone of our largest customers and their 80+ locations. I am extremely pleased with the product, the support experiences I have had, and the obvious intention that is being made within your organization to continue enhancing the feature set on a regular basis. You aren’t simply reacting, you are proactively seeing a need and driving to improve the product. I just love getting these super exciting feature enhancement e-mails!!!! More than anything I love that getting these enhancements, which doesn’t require constant upgrades that are labor intensive and service affecting for the customer. This partnership is a game changer for how quickly and effectively we can service our customers, and it gives any manager every tool they need to manage their business.”

Measurements with Unified Analytics

A few things you will be able to measure when looking at this information are:

1. Who’s available to answer calls (especially important for smaller companies).

2.  What’s taking so long? Getting calls answered or back to callers on hold

3.  Where’s the holdup? If callers are reaching a ‘live’ person quickly, why not?

4.  Count the steps. How many steps does it take to get through to someone in your organization? Is there anything more frustrating than getting multiple instructions just to talk to someone?

5.  Abandonment Issues? Don’t miss an opportunity from callers hanging up. Find out why and who and correct it.

6. Spend time handling the important calls. Miss a call from someone trying to sell you something? No big deal. MIss a call from someone wanting your service? Very big deal.

To register for our short webinar and learn more about how you can improve your customers’ experience click here.

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