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The Internet of Things. It’s fascinating. It’s vast. It has everything. Of course, we can’t take the time to say ‘the Internet of Things’. In this hurry up, shorten-everything-you-say world, it’s IoT. If you haven’t thought about it for your business, you will. Maybe not today, but someday. Why? Because in spite of the immediate assumption that it’s (maybe) not personal enough for my business or too hi-tech for what we have in place today, the IoT can make your customers’ experience more personal, more successful, better.

The IoT: Personalizing and Streamlining

For example, we love talking to our customers. They call in, we’ve set up a Tier One call center that has immediate access to a database of information about each customer. That’s IoT. We can see outstanding service tickets, the type of equipment in place, and the last interactions with them. If it speeds up the process of helping them and in this fast-paced world, isn’t that what people want from their service company?

We have a portal on our web page for any customer that would prefer to submit a service ticket by typing the information and hitting ‘Enter’.  From the portal, customers can access information about their account including service history and open items. That’s IoT.

You’re going to continue to hear more and more stories and examples of how people are using the great Internet of Things to do things better, faster, easier. Here’s an interesting article on “4 Ways IoT is Changing How Companies Interact with Customers.”  If you’d like more examples, you may want to join us this month for a seminar on Unified Communications, applications and IoT for your business. Click to register for an event in Louisville or Lexington.

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