Better Health makes Better Employees

Better Health Makes Better Employees

Better Health makes Better Employees

I’ve been working on getting in better shape for almost 4 weeks now. I’ve got to. I’m headed to Disneyworld in a couple months with 3 grandchildren and I’m thinking I’m going to need some stamina and better cardio to keep up with them. I read somewhere that once you start a fitness plan you will feel it in 2 weeks, see it in 4 weeks and hear it (from others) in 8 weeks. I definitely feel it. Can’t wait to see and hear it.  I also noticed that there are a lot of folks around our office making a conscious effort to get in shape too. Everybody seems to be doing something different. It really doesn’t matter what you do as long as it works for you.

Fitness at Unified

Our CEO, Scott Diamond, invited all employees to meet with his fitness trainer after work last night to learn more about physical fitness and nutrition. In her email to the company, Erin (manager of Iron Tribe Fitness) said “Being the healthiest version of yourself will trickle down into just about every aspect of your life whether that be having more energy to give to your family, a more positive outlook, higher productivity at work, less sick time, or just feeling better overall.” I was curious so I ‘googled’ the topic and found plenty of articles on the subject. I like lists so this one from a blog titled 10 Benefits of Healthy Employees by  peaked my interest. Here are the 10 benefits he came up with.

Take a Look at These 10 Benefits of Healthy Employees from Health Hero

  • Accidents – Healthier employees are more focused and aware. Being actually present in mind as well as body greatly reduces the job performance risk of injury due to inattentiveness.
  • Work-related illnesses – Better fitness decreases stress, increases strength and boosts immunity in most employees, lessening the chances of stress and communicable illnesses at the workplace.
  • Sick pay – Healthier employees get sick less often and save companies money lost to sick pay and lessened productivity.
  • Insurance costs – Because they get sick less often, fit, informed employees often qualify for lower health insurance rates, substantial annual saving to employees and companies alike.
  • Stress on other employees picking up the slack – The ripple effect of frequent absences of unhealthy employees adds pressure to those who work double to cover.
  • Low morale – Greater employee population health improves staff morale all around.
  • Absenteeism – Healthier employees get sick less often. Absenteeism is reduced by 27% for those exercising and eating healthy regularly.
  • Workers compensation claims – Overweight employees file twice as many worker’s compensation claims and cost companies around $73.1 billion a year.
  • Turnover – Happy employees stay longer at the job and are less likely to seek other employment, reducing recruitment costs and productivity losses in re-training.
  • Stress – Healthy lifestyles include more awareness of and need for work-life balance, mental health breaks and healthy fueling for energy, all leading to lowered stress.

How Unified Stays Fit

Better Health makes Better Employees

So, no matter how you achieve your optimum health, just do it. I asked around the office and found that our Service Manager, Scott MacInnes hits the gym after work. Aaron Boyer, a Sales Engineer, likes to participate in runs and has a half marathon coming up in October. Andi Reyes, an Applications Specialist, works out in the morning and fixes her nutritional meals for the week on Sundays. One of our sales Reps, Hunter Harper, does push ups every morning, plays soccer, and does yoga. Finally, Jane Davis, out of our Lexington office does aerial aerobics with her daughter, who is an instructor in the high flying exercise technique using yards and yards of silk fabric.

The view from my window at the office catches members of our team taking laps around the building all the time. Sometimes it’s one person and other times it looks like we’ve moved a whole meeting outside.

Whether you choose, like Scott, our CEO, to work with a trainer or hang from fabric like Jane and her daughter; use a plan that works best for you and get out and get moving. You’ll feel better and you’ll be a better asset to your company.

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