Streamlining Your Business Communications with Proper Infrastructure

Streamlining Your Business Communications with Proper Infrastructure

Streamlining Your Business Communications with Proper Infrastructure

When you think about streamlining your business, most think about adding more processes or cutting the excess fat. These are both good solutions, but have you also considered organizing your infrastructure?

Infrastructure for your business can be a major asset or hindrance. So, what are things to look at to see if your infrastructure and systems can be boosted to increase efficiency? Here are 5 aspects to help get you started.

Structured Cabling

Have you ever seen a mess of wires, of which you can’t tell where each one goes? If your business has a rat nest of wiring, then that’s a big red flag. You need to get your cabling organized to make basic changes or adjustments. Whether you have a large IT department or a person that just happens to wear that hat, they will thank you for a bit of organization.

However, a bit of cleaning up is not the full extent of our powers. If you are adding servers, moving offices, or upgrading your system, then you need a high-quality cabling network that can help your business run smoothly.

We ensure that the highest quality grade cable is laid properly from the start to create the foundation upon which we build a voice and data network. We maintain BICSI standards in all of our installations and have a thorough final walk thru and testing process with all of our projects.

Sound Masking

When one person is on the phone, can the whole office hear them? Do you have an open concept that sounded great but is more detrimental because you can hear a group project being discussed from six cubicles away? Help your company take the step towards having an easier environment to work in. Sound masking covers up of unwanted or background noise, which allows for a more comfortable working environment.

Paging System

Whether you operate a large school or an extensive corporate office, you need to be able to get ahold of your employees in a quick and efficient manner. Paging systems are designed to be as minimally intrusive to employees, as well as customers, as possible.

That is why our paging system designers take the time to survey and understand an office or warehouse environment, measure the appropriate db levels of the space along with the length, width, and height of the building, and ultimately configure a design that is beneficial to everyone.

Phone System

If you have employees traveling often, wouldn’t it be nice if you have a phone system that can call a secondary phone at the same time (like a cell phone for instance) while the call is also logged digitally as well? Tracking phone calls is now a breeze and you won’t have to miss calls because you are away from your desk!

Talk with a Unified Technologies technology specialist for a consultation to find a phone system that best fits your needs here.

WiFi & Cell Boosting

No matter what industry you are in WiFi is vital for business. If your WiFi has been playing the on-again-off-again dance, then it might be time for a WiFi assessment. Talk to a technology specialist to schedule one today.

Do you cell phones often? Is your office in a low-level building that often interferes with the signal? Then a cell phone boost might be what the infrastructure doctor ordered, because no one wants a call dropped in the middle of an important conversation!

Assessing your business and its operations is the starting point for determining how to streamline your business, especially if you find that your infrastructure is a vital aspect holding you back. The size of your office building, the number of employees, and even the type of business you do can affect your infrastructure needs, so please give us a call to talk with a specialist today.

Want to still learn more? You’re in luck! We have two upcoming Infrastructure Seminars that can provide insightful information. Check out the Louisville Seminar info here or click here for the Lexington event info.

We hope to see you there!

Louisville Security and Surveillance Seminar

Infrastructure Seminar


Lexington Security and Surveillance Seminar

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