Lance Atkins Beechmont Racquet Club

Unified Technologies and Louisville Bats Baseball

A Grand Slam Relationship

Lance Atkins Beechmont Racquet Club

Our facebook post last Friday talked of a Harvard Business Review written about having fun. It immediately made me think of something that happened last week.

On Thursday morning our CEO, Scott Diamond, received a text from an old friend from grade school.  Lance Atkins, Vice President of Beechmont Racquet Club, was in a bind because the phone system at his club was failing.

Scott talked to Lance and discovered what was going on and what he needed. He had a quote to him by noon and a tech was on site to install a new NEC phone system by 9:00 the next morning. The parts were in our warehouse and our technician, Alen Mrsic was happy to install it. On Friday afternoon I called Lance to asked him about the experience. He was thrilled to have his system up and working; allowing him to continue to service his members and patrons.

“When someone’s business is at risk we will do anything we can to help them stay connected, whether they are an old friend or not. That’s the way we built this business, always doing whatever we needed to do to help our customers, especially in an emergency situation,” said Scott.

While we prefer to work our process and take the time to do our discovery and execution, every now and then,  time is of the essence. We recently turned an installation of over 100 phones in a couple of days for Cardinal Aluminum.

Anyways, once Alen was finished installing the system we called Lance and asked him to do a video for us. Scott had told me he was quite a comedian and after watching the commercial on the Beechmont Racquet and Fitness Club website, I had to agree.

Here’s the video, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did. A special thanks to Lance for providing some levity during the business day.

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