Customer Spotlight - Affini Corp

Customer Spotlight – Affini Corp

Customer Spotlight - Affini Corp

This month our spotlight shines on Affini Corp, a cutting edge medical lab right here in Louisville, Kentucky.

Yesterday one of our interns, Jack Gutermuth, and I met with our customer and partner, Affini Corp. Jack is working on a video assignment and I wanted to gather some information for our July Customer Spotlight. The conversation started like most spotlight interviews do. We talked about why they chose us for their telecommunications needs and what we were able to do for them (more on that later).

Getting to Know Affini Corp

We met with Gene Gilchrist, CEO, and Don Brady, Executive VP.  When Jack asked them “What does Affini Corp do?”  Gene answered “We aim to help doctors transition into a value based environment. There are lots of things about health care in this country that are good and lots of things that are not so good, we see them in the paper every day. What we’re trying to do is help doctors reduce costs and improve outcomes.” That’s a very broad description of their services so I had to ask, “what do you really DO?”

Gene’s answer blew me away. I have to admit I knew nothing of pharmacogenetics but after listening to Gene explain the concept, I was completed intrigued and amazed. The actual definition online is:

Pharmacogenetics – the branch of pharmacology concerned with the effect of genetic factors on reactions to drugs.

So, in addition to drug testing, the lab at Affini Corp runs genetic testing to assist in determining proper drug prescriptions based on the patient’s genetic makeup. That’s what they do in a nutshell. I’ve promised Gene and Don that I would do a follow-up piece on this since it’s so fascinating. Stay tuned for more on that later.

Unified Technologies and Affini Corp’s Partnership

To give you a little background on how Unified first partnered with Affini Corp, Don explains “We were a customer of another service, a cloud based, non-premise system and we had repeated and continual problems with call quality. It was not the fault of the phone system sitting on the desk, it was a question of network problems and we could not address them and our service provider could not address them. So we made the decision to change to a premise based system and based upon recommendations in the local area, we looked at Unified Technologies. The nice thing about Unified is that we very seldom have to call you, we don’t see you unless we call you and when your service people do show up they are knowledgeable about both our system and the background equipment and they’re able to address the issue in a professional manner to solve the problem.”

“The important thing for us was making the system work for our particular needs. We’re a young company. We don’t have dozens of staff walking around. We needed the system to meet our needs as a young and growing company. Unified was able to save us 10-15% and configure to our needs. That was so terribly important to us.” Gene Gilchrist.

And when asked to describe Unified in one word, Don’s response was ‘competent’.

If I had to describe Affini Corp in one word it would be fascinating. Not only did our conversation make me feel like I was in a futuristic sci-fi movie, but we even discussed music and Gene shared a video of “The Red Hot Chili Pipers.”  That’s right.  If you’ve never heard smoke on the Water played on bagpipes, you really need to check it out here.

To learn more about Affini Corp, check out their web page here. .

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