What’s the Number 1 city in the U.S. where manufacturing is thriving?

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What’s the Number 1 city in the U.S. where manufacturing is thriving?

If someone asked you “What’s the Number 1 city in the U.S. where manufacturing is thriving?” What would you say? I’m thinking Pittsburgh maybe or Birmingham, maybe. But I’m ashamed to say I would never have thought that the answer is Louisville, KY. Wow. Forbes magazine named Louisville the number 1 city for manufacturing yesterday. A lot of that has to do with the auto industry and the two Ford plants here in town, of course, but it got me thinking about all the other things that are manufactured right here in and around Louisville.

While I did not realize that Louisville was the number 1 city for manufacturing, I did know that there are a lot of things made right here in this region which are very interesting. Thanks to Unified partnering with various manufacturing companies across the state, we’ve learned about some of these products while installing communications platforms and infrastructure and security in their facilities. Many of our customers are in the metal fabrication business (many supply their products to the car industry) including AXN Heavy Duty, Madison Precision Products, GKN Sinter Metals and Martinrea.

Some of my favorite discoveries are –

Dant Clayton right here in Louisville is a leading designer & manufacturer of indoor & outdoor grandstands, press boxes, aluminum bleachers, and stadium seating systems. So, the next time you’re at a ball game think about the fact that the bleachers may be made right in our own backyard. While you’re at the ballpark also remember that some of those bats are manufactured by Hillerich & Bradsby, another Unified partner. And there’s a chance that the ball caps worn at the park were embroidered or even manufactured by Town Talk who has been in business since 1919 and still manufactures visors at their facilities on Cane Run Road.

There are Air Filters manufactured by American Air Filter, high power magnets from Quadrant Magnetics and vegetable oils made at AAK.

Did you know that Lantech invented stretch wrapping and manufactures stretch wrapping machines? The company holds 277 patents on their many inventions. And they are located in the same industrial park in J-Town as Northwood Machine Manufacturing which builds custom machines for companies from small specialized shops to large aerospace manufacturers. Furthermore, while you’re in the area, Louisville Bedding Company has grown to be the world’s largest producer of mattress pads. They are a national and international source for quality home textiles which include: mattress pads and mattress protectors, fiber beds, feather beds, latex foam, polyurethane foam, comforters, sheets, and bed pillows. Right here in Louisville. Who knew?

Just across the river from Louisville, Haas Cabinets has been building cabinets in Sellersburg, IN since 1944. In New Albany, FireKing has been manufacturing fireproof files and storage cabinets, safes and cash management systems since 1951. Also in New Albany, Beach Mold and Tool is a manufacturer for the plastics industry specializing in injection molding and precision tool making.

YKK Snap Fasteners America Inc. right down the road in Lawrenceburg, KY manufactures buttons, rivets, snaps, hooks, and eyes, as well as solutions to attach them for apparel industries, among other products.

Robinson Stave in Laurel County Kentucky makes both bourbon and wine barrels.

Want something to eat? Mesa Foods produces corn and flour based Mexican foods right here in Louisville. The company’s product line includes flour tortillas; corn tortillas and chips; die cut pizzas and flat breads; and taco shells and taco dinner kits. CandyRific LLC, a Louisville-based firm, designs, makes and distributes novelty candy items. Perfetti Van Melle in Northern Kentucky is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of confectionery and chewing gum. That’s right, Air Heads and Mentos are made right here in Kentucky.

With over 75 manufacturing companies on our customer list, we are proud to support the manufacturing growth in Louisville and the surrounding area! Learn more about some of our Partner Clients by checking out our Partner testimonials page.

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