Security and Surveillance Needs During Vacations

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Security and Surveillance Needs During Vacations

You are finally taking a vacation. Goodness knows the last time you have actually gotten away from the office for more than a weekend. You aren’t staying late every night this week and you’re not checking your phone every few minutes. And that’s what a vacation is all about, right?

Now, do you feel good about the safety of your business while you are on vacation? The last thing you need to be stressing out about is if your business is secure while you are gone. Take a deep breath and think about how you can keep your place safe so you can actually relax this vacation (at least the best you can).

Access Control

Worried about people coming in that you don’t want? Access control can track and monitor to make sure that only the people you want are coming in and helping prevent the ones you don’t. Think about where you need the security – only one door or a multi-building facility with hundreds of doors?

Unified’s access control systems electronically regulate doors and elevators to address today’s real-world security challenges. Our system can be installed with a wide variety of entry mechanisms such as readers or contacts. And this system can be applied from hundreds of entry points to only one entry point.

Worried if something happens? Your entire building can be locked down if there is an emergency.

Just remember, when looking at access control, know what access points there are and have a plan in place in case of an incident.


When you are on vacation, ensure the safety of your business and employees by having video surveillance in place. Make sure that you have cameras at all entry points and wide views of your building, but also consider some of the rarely seen areas. If you have dark recesses, high traffic areas, or dimly lit walking paths or parking areas, then surveillance of the area can make you and your employees feel better about this extra layer of vigilance. Especially since just the mere presence of video surveillance can deter wrong-doers. Plus, if you really want to make sure your business is okay and just can’t tear yourself away from it, you could view your surveillance cameras over your phone while you’re laying on the beach!

Unified can assist with finding the right surveillance needs and locations to suit the requirements of your business and location.

When you finally take that vacation, you want to breathe easier knowing that your employees and business are safe. With access control and surveillance, you can help ensure a safer environment for everyone.  Want to learn more? Check out our blogs. Want to get the conversation started for peace of mind? Contact us.

Happy vacationing!

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