when is it time to assess your structured cabling

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when is it time to assess your structured cabling

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There are several junctures in the life of a business that prompt the need to assess the communication system capabilities of the business such as phone, internet, and video.  One of these events could be the start of the business and the need to move into a commercial office or facility.  Another reason for change could be a move to a new or larger building.  The prompt could also come about due to technical issues with the existing communication system.  Whatever the reason, it’s always best to look at the infrastructure first – the basic wiring needed to support the system of your choice.

Some businesses prefer to operate on a predominantly wireless system.  This choice is usually made by smaller businesses trying to keep costs to a bare minimum.  It can work for a while, but will usually run into problems such as slow connectivity speed, limited bandwidth, background interference, and lack of upgrade options.

Structured cabling is a much better business communication system choice.  A structured cabling system provides the basis for the entire communications network and integrates everything into a streamlined system for all of the devices in the business.  It typically requires an initial investment in equipment and installation costs, but the money spent on setting up a unified cabling system are easily justified by the extensive advantages gained with capabilities available with a structured cable system.

Take a look at a few of those advantages of structured cabling:

  • Organized Infrastructure – to handle all voice, data, and video needs of the business with minimal maintenance and upkeep
  • Scalable Network – to adapt to growing needs and easy addition of new devices
  • Increased Bandwidth – to allow faster connectivity to a larger number of devices
  • Centralized Control – to quickly assess issues and make adjustments to the network
  • Aesthetic Appearance – to streamlined wires and avoid cluttered, unsafe wiring

Once you’ve reached the conclusion that structured cabling is the best option for your business communication system, it’s time to look at the best time to make the switch or upgrade.  Although the cost is relatively low considering the huge advantages it offers to your business, choosing the right time to upgrade or install a structured cabling system is very important.  The set up takes time and can be intrusive to on-going business on-site.  Careful planning is needed to ensure that you get the right system installed at the best time for your business.

Best times to install or upgrade your cabling system:

  • Before painting the walls in a new office or during an office remodeling project – the cables might need to run through walls
  • When you have time for a little downtime in connectivity – as you add or switch to a new service
  • When you have a short break on the work calendar – such as holidays or scheduled shut-downs
  • When you are maxing out your current system or experiencing issues with your current system – time to give your business communications room to grow
  • When you are planning for growth in number of employees, number of devices, or size of facility – get the adaptability you need
  • When your existing system requires repairs or replacements – it’s best to take an overall approach with unified cabling rather than patch an out-dated system

Hard-wired networks are much faster and more reliable than wireless networks.  And structured cabling is more organized and much easier to adapt than individual wiring of multiple devices.

Like anything else today, the infrastructure demands of businesses are ever changing. We are seeing applications out there that demand a wireless solution. “Whether it’s a scanner in a warehouse or a tablet carried by a technician, more and more offices are using DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) or Wifi or cellular in their buildings and surrounding areas. We are providing cellular boosting, wifi networks and DAS systems more and more all of which rely on wired infrastructure. The bottom line is we need to see what you have today and what you are trying to accomplish to design the ideal infrastructure solution.” Joey Garza Unified Technologies’ Infrastructure Division.

If you think you might be at a point in the life of your business to assess your cabling needs, contact Unified Technologies, the experts in structured cabling systems.

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