Infrastructure Considerations When Moving Offices

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Congratulations! After endless hours of searching for a new home for your business, you have finally found the one. Whether you are renting or if you purchased, you now have one to call your own. Now, what are you going to do? What’s on your to-do list?

Obviously, getting all of those boxes moved in and the paint on the walls is on your mind, but what about your wifi and cabling? Have you thought about what all modern-day businesses thrive on? What goes into getting all of that setup?

Technology has become the basic infrastructure of any business, but it is too often forgotten until a need arises weeks or even months after moving into your new office. When this occurs, the omission of basic infrastructure can inhibit your businesses operations.

We can help you create a productive and efficient business environment by providing you with the infrastructure you need. The first step is to consider what your business actually needs. To help you do just that, we started a series highlighting some aspects of infrastructure that you should keep in mind when moving into a new office or upgrading your current one.

Here are some considerations for your basic business needs:

Structured Cabling

An effective and comprehensive structured cabling network is the cornerstone of many companies. But do you know if you need Category 5 Enhanced, Category 6, Category 6 Augmented, High Pair Count Copper, or Fiber Optic Cabling? It’s pretty confusing, right? Make sure to find a company that consults with you on what’s best for your specific needs.

On top of this, how do you know if the people installing will do a good job? Are they certified? Finally, how do you know that the installation was done properly? Once a project is complete, at Unified, we provide a copy of the detailed, full-page test report of each cable ID to ensure that the installation was done properly.

Sound Masking

With office spaces becoming more open and interactive, the covering up of unwanted or background noise is becoming highly desirable. Have you thought about sound masking products to help make your work environment more comfortable?

Often, sound masking systems are less expensive than architectural solutions for covering-up or absorbing background noise. Also, productivity is proven to increase 3 to 20 percent per employee with an effective system – giving an immediate return on investment on sound masking.


Are you using a larger building that requires paging? Paging systems are often necessary for many types of corporate environments, and you will need to look for a system that is designed to be as minimally intrusive to employees and/or customers as possible. Make sure that the company you work with measures the appropriate dB levels of the space along with the length, width, and height of the building, and ultimately configure a design that is beneficial to everyone.


Needing a wifi assessment? Find a company, like Unified, who can assist with finding your true wifi needs.

Does your company use cell phones often? Then you might want to invest in cellular boosting for the office. No one wants a dropped call in the middle of an important conversation!

Assessing your business and its operations is the starting point for determining what your business needs in terms of security infrastructure. The size of your office building, the number of employees, and even the type of business you do can affect your infrastructure needs.

Are you moving and want to get assistance with your technology needs? Let us help get your business’ infrastructure setup to work for you. Talk to a technology specialist.

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