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A Grand Slam Relationship

It’s Derby week and that means lots of partying and celebrating across the Bluegrass. For us here at Unified Technologies, it has become a Derby week tradition to have a visit from our friend, Chris Vachon, with Great America Financial Services, one of our finance and billing partners. Another year, another award. This year, Chris presented us with our second Prestige Partner award! We finished 2016 at the #4 spot in the country in the Communications and Data Business Unit with $2.7 million in financed volume. Unified also just surpassed over 10 million in life-to-date financing with Great America.

Unified’s Growth: Managed Services

According to Chris, there has been a real shift in the type of transactions they are funding for us. The shift has a lot to do with how businesses want to consume their telecommunications equipment today. Sales are shifting from Capital Expenses to Operating Expenses and that’s been one main reason for the recent success.

Unified Technologies ‘Managed Services’ offering makes up about 80% of our new system transactions. It’s our way of delivering what the market is demanding. People are much more interested in investing in a service experience than purchasing hardware.

Telecom News

Recent telecom related news includes events such as Toshiba shutting down their business phone division, Avaya talking bankruptcy, and CudaTel discontinuing their VoIP product. Not to mention the Nortel bankruptcy from 6 years ago that still looms over our community. Or the Cisco UC platform that was discontinued.

Businesses that invest in hardware have time and time again been burned. Business leaders have shifted their interest from the name on the phone, and care far more about the business impact new technology will have on efficiency and customer service.

With our Managed Services program, we can deliver the voice experience our customers demand, without the worry or concerns related to product ownership. Managed Services gives you all the perks of a phone system paired with complete support from our technical staff and financial advantages of opex versus capex. It’s a growing trend and we are happy to provide solutions our customers demand. For more information on managed services, click here.

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