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Do you believe businesses that have fun are better to work with? Have you ever tried injecting humor into an average business transaction? Enjoying your time on the job can be extremely beneficial to you and also to the way customers experience your business. It’s not only nice to have a little fun while you’re working; it’s needed!

Jimmy Buffett said, “If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane”.  Makes sense when you think about it. Around here at Unified Technologies, we like to have fun. We’ll let you decide if we’re fun or not, but if you follow along with us here on our blog, subscribe to our email newsletter or are connected on our social channels, hopefully that fun culture comes across.

If I’m filling in for one of our Tier 1 technicians, I always try to add humor to a call whenever I can. Customers seem to appreciate it. I also try to reply to “business” emails with humor. A few weeks ago, I shared an email I received on St. Patrick’s Day. It was cleverly written and fun to read. Now, I search for emails from that person in hopes of finding more entertaining reads to enjoy and share with others.

Less Formal, More Fun Environment

I don’t believe the business world is as formal and stuffy as it once was. If we have to spend 8 hours a day doing something, shouldn’t it be enjoyable? Many people long for a healthy work-life balance. I believe an aspect they overlook is how to be happier while on the job. Prioritizing this has a positive correlation with human resources and customer service, too.

What if we stopped eating lunch at our desks with one hand on the burrito and the other typing on the keyboard? What if we actually struck up a great conversation with co-workers while out to lunch with them? There’s a way to have fun while getting a lot done. It’s also possible to make customers feel at home the moment they meet you while still conducting business professionally and successfully.

Techniques to Infuse Fun at Work

Several well-known companies have used humor in their customer service, especially through social media, and they’ve gone viral for it. Even if it takes you by surprise, everyone seems to appreciate the labor of making light of things, especially when they expect the opposite – a strict, corporate vibe. Many times choosing a light-hearted approach can have amazing results for your customer relations and your brand. If you like to infuse fun into your helpfulness to customers, here’s a great article on the subject.  Enjoy it and, of course, have some fun with it!

Also feel free to follow our blog. Here’s one of our recent posts about game play with business marketing.

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