Unified Technologies and Louisville Bats Baseball

A Grand Slam Relationship

BlackSo the TV show says “Orange is the New Black” but here at Unified we are saying “Black is the New Orange”.

Our technicians have been clad in orange since our company started almost 8 years ago. We’ve heard comments from our customers like “I’m always relieved when I see an orange shirt – I know help is on the way!” OR “I can always tell when Unified is in the building by the orange shirts.”  

Well, now ‘Men in Black’ will be coming to the rescue. We thought it was time for a fresh new look. Our wonderful group of technicians can get pretty dirty sometimes doing whatever it takes on installs and service calls. We’re hoping the black won’t show dirt as much. Plus, well, it just looks pretty cool.

We announced this change at our Awards Banquet on March 10th and had some professional group photos taken but we just couldn’t wait any longer to tell the world that, well, ‘Black is Black’. So next time you’re looking for one of our staff don’t look for a ‘Black Dog’ or a ‘Black Bird’ or ‘Black Sabbath’ or ‘Black Leather’. Just look for a ‘Man in Black’.

So never fear, if you need our assistance we’ll be ‘Back in Black’ before you know it to help you in any way we can.

Were there any other song titles I missed there? If you can think of any, share them with us on Facebook!

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