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Technology TrendsThese days, technology answers pop up left and right. That said, not every tech trend is a solution. Unified Technologies offers state-of-the-art, quality solutions based upon the industry’s latest, greatest developments. It’s important to discern current trends from quality innovations like Google Voice, and it’s even more important to understand why Unified Technologies solutions aren’t like the rest.

The 2014 “fiber everywhere” trend, for example, was just that: a trend. Meanwhile, the 3G/4G streaming options Unified Technologies uses take advantage of the tech rollouts spawned by the trend. Check out today’s biggest trends below, and read up on the Unified Technologies approach—which prioritizes only the best discoveries.

Trend One: Structured Cabling

The structured cabling market is expected to be worth approximately $13.13 billion before 2020. For this reason, a lot of businesses are buying into structured cabling products and services based upon high-speed connectivity, alone. Data center convergence, too, is a big-hitting trend—one of which has pulled businesses towards the trend, itself, rather than much-needed solutions.

Unified Technologies has focused on several prevalent industry problems, rewiring the workplace for success. Its comprehensive cabling methods ensure incredibly connectivity—and each maintains BICSI standards to ensure stability at the ground level. More importantly, Unified Technologies solutions offer High Pair Count Copper and Fiber Optic Cabling projects via intuitive technicians certified in Mohawk, Leviton, Hilti and General.

Because modern office spaces are incredibly interactive, Unified Technologies has steered away from base-level trends, focusing on sound masking systems. These systems are far less expensive than current architectural trends, improving productivity by as much as 20 percent.

Trend Two: Workplace Security

In the telecommunications world, a lot of businesses have prioritized over-the-top cybercrime prevention methods—not protecting their work areas with interactive video monitoring, video surveillance and fire protection. Understandably, high-profile cases like Target and Sony Pictures have spawned a wealth of high-security innovations. Cybercrime costs the worldwide economy over $400 billion per year.

To remain competitive, a lot of companies have pushed out new security protection products, but many of them don’t offer comprehensive security solutions. Unified Technologies, however, has prioritized access record technology, LAN access and WAN access. If you’re running a business, your building can be secured within seconds. It can also be opened remotely, making use of the Unified Technologies addition to mobile-based security access.

Trend Three: Web Conferencing

Today’s remote work force has expanded dramatically. Because of this, a lot of trends have grown to support quick, reliable video conference services. That said, a lot of modern web conference technology lacks the intuitiveness to make multi-layered communications channels possible.

Unified Technologies relies on several prominent providers, like ShoreTel, to integrate all communication methods—spanning across messaging, data and voice. Because ShoreTel is independent of any location or device, its software architecture side-steps the typical reliability and complexity issues most industry trend-setters have fallen into.

Whether you’re looking into telecommunications, phone system or security trends, Unified Technologies is here to help. Today’s telecommunications world is full of new ideas, new technology and new approaches. Comprehensive support, however, is far more useful to solution-heavy environments.

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