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911 Shoretel PhoneIf you’re using a ShoreTel phone system, you can protect your location on all forefronts. Unfortunately, precautions are needed in the modern world. To stay sharp, connect 911 software to your phone system.

Today, traditional 911 dialing options aren’t viable. The first step to full protection is preparation. Even if you’re using standard 911 contact procedures, you’re still left without instant response capabilities. It takes time to relay details, location and in-depth situational information. Likely, your establishment lacks the equipment, machinery and facilities needed to get the whole story out, and quickly.

If your current 911 protection doesn’t connect with your establishment’s security systems, entry procedures and emergency response needs, you may be left unprotected.

Avoiding Risks with E911 by ShoreTel

Break-ins, theft, property damage and even personal injury can occur if you’re not utilizing an enhanced 911 software package. In today’s business climate, any accidents, foul play and similarly disastrous scenarios can severely hinder a business.

The ability to contact emergency services immediately is vital. Businesses who’re utilizing standard 911 procedures put themselves at risk. If the clock is ticking, instant assistance is needed. Otherwise, the following damages can severely hinder a business, fiscally:

  • Lost income
  • Regulatory fines
  • High expenses
  • Insurance costs
  • Delay of building plans

Even if an emergency response team arrives, it may be too late.

Employing E911 by ShoreTel

ShoreTel offers an enhanced, quick-acting and intuitive system called E911. Short for “Enhanced 911,” E911 beefs up regular security countermeasures, relaying information to providers instantly. Traditional 911 contact is slow, lacks comprehensive information and as simply sub-par in our fast-paced world. E911 counters these problems, giving dispatchers location information immediately.

ShoreTel software options also include internal emergency communications. Because its capable of harnessing real-time communications, it’s particularly useful in the following areas:

  • Universities
  • Factories
  • Hotels
  • Large business buildings

ShoreTel alerts are sent via desktop popup messages. They’re also sent as voice alerts via phone and paging systems. Using a Microsoft Windows client, ShoreTel messages are incredibly quick, intuitive and accessible.

Additionally, ShoreTel offers text-to-speech capabilities, packing alert messages with relevant information quickly. An incident’s location, time, needs and caller are all recorded, giving 911 call centers important information quickly.

When E911 calls 911, it can either call a predetermined group of assistants or fire an instant message. Again, multi-entity support is a key feature of E911. The professional world is fast-paced, and big locations need big responses.

To learn more about ShoreTel’s E911, contact Unified Technologies. We’re ready to help, and every system is installed with an area’s custom needs, resources and connections. We’d love to chat with you, and we’re available to match your establishment’s communication needs with ongoing support.

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