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An office space is supposed to be the place to get work done. Sure, there are entertaining moments at the office among co-workers — there’s water cooler talk and holiday parties to keep things light for the staff. But the primary goal of an office space is productivity. There’s a lot of ideas on the web for improving productivity; however we find that common technology related to the office facility can have a huge impact. Even as simple as the lighting or the strength of your connection in your building can be a game changer.

With office spaces becoming more open and interactive, the covering up of background or unwanted noise is helpful for employees. Also a good connection for voice and data networks is absolutely necessary since almost all B2B and B2C interactions take place via the phone, email, or other internet applications.

Our business technology solutions at Unified Technologies meet all these needs for an office.

Top Ways to Improve Technology in Your Office with Unified Technologies

Check out just a few ways we can help your employees become more productive and tech savvy with a few of our products.

Sound Masking at Unified: We offer high-qualityImproving the Technology in Your Office to Increase Productivity sound masking products to help make a work environment more comfortable. Using sound masking systems are almost always less expensive than architectural solutions for covering-up noise. So, our products will not break the bank. And, productivity is proven to increase 3 to 20 percent per employee with an effective system like ours. This means an immediate return on your investment.

Cabling for Good Connection at Unified: Nothing is more frustrating than bad connections for your internet or phone. We offer and install cabling always ensuring it is laid properly from the start to finish. We want you to have the best connection possible.

Phone Systems at Unified: To further that idea, we not only help you with your connection but we provide you high quality phone solutions and multi-functional paging systems designed with your business’ needs in mind. We’re kind of a one stop shop for everything you need for good communication and connection in your office space!

Security Systems at Unified: We care about the security for your business and your workers. We provide access control systems that electronically regulate doors and elevators to address today’s real-world security challenges. We can customize a system to your needs. We can allow a business owner or manager to have complete control over who is entering and exiting a building. They can even manage security remotely. We also offer top of the line security alarms, fire alarms, and video surveillance and interactive monitoring.

If you are looking for ways to increase productivity around your office, give Unified Technologies a call today.

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