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This month’s spotlight shines on Adam Fischer.  We decided to let you all see Adam’s answer to the typical ‘Spotlight’ questions completely uncensored.  So, brace yourselves…Here’s our January Spotlight Employee, in his own words, – Adam Fischer.

1. Tell us a little bit about the type of work you do at Unified Technologies –

I am a Sales Rep in the Louisville office, a Partner, and one of the brave (or insane) “Original 27”. I also sort of fancy myself as a strategic thinker when it comes to the future of the company, which basically means that I annoy the heck out of the Management team on a regular basis. But if I am being honest, I have just mastered the art of Looking Busy.

2. List out a few of your job responsibilities. – 

Open the Door, Close the Deal, Collect the $, and make promises that Operations has to somehow account for.

3. When you aren’t at work, what keeps you busy? – 

I have a rather large family, 5 children, and between Football, Basketball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Archery, Drama, Homework… Yeah, I stay busy.

4. Have you always been in this industry? If not, what brought you where you are today? – 

I was born with a telephone in my hand. I think it was a NEC Electra 8/24 to be exact. I started pulling cable when I was 12 years old, and usually drew the jobs in a dank, spider infested crawl space under a dilapidated home in Old Louisville when the Senior Tech didn’t want to get dirty. It was also at this age (12) when my job required me to learn to drive a Manual 3 on the Tree, Big Red, which was Paul Schultens first work van. I think he put rims on it.

5. What’s one thing you love about what you do for a living? 

I love the relationships and the sense of accomplishment to see a project go from an idea, to a relationship, to a strategic plan, a partnership, and finally an implementation, affectionately known as “Trust, Discover, Solution, Partner, Execute”, previously known by the genius moniker “Step 1,2,3,4 & 5.”

6. What you do for fun or to unwind? 

If I am not hunting or fishing, I am planning my next hunting or fishing trip or excursion. I have a trained Llewelyn Setter for Bird Hunting, I enjoy Deer & Turkey hunting, Bass fishing, Fly-In Canada excursion for monster Northern Pike, Moose hunting in the Yukon, Fly Fishing in Montana. I love it all. Totally Addicted. If I am not doing that, I am enjoying a cocktail with my wife, and enjoying our most recent series to blast through on Netflix, or avidly following my favorite local team, the RED ONE (Reminder: 73-70).

7. If you could do one thing for a living that had nothing to do with your current job, what would it be? 

Is there anything else? Honestly, I wouldn’t know. Besides my odd jobs of pumping gas at Chevron, working at a hardware store (Levy’s), delivering pizza for Wicks, and bussing tables at a BBQ joint (for one night), I don’t know anything else. I just know I don’t ever want to bus another table. I guess I’d like Scott Diamonds job, though 😉 Where is he this week?

8. Is there something fun or interesting that you’d like people to know about you? 

Growing up playing all sports, my passion was Swimming. I won an Individual Age Group State Championship and was ranked 4th in the Nation in my best event and was traveling the country to compete. And then I discovered life amongst the fairer sex. End of being an Olympic hopeful and Hello future in Telecom. From Michael Phelps to Michael Gabhart.

9. Favorite food or snack –

I believe myself to have a decent palate and I love all foods, but does anything beat a personal Totino’s pepperoni pizza, some Cheetos, and a Coke?

10. Family info – kids, siblings, where are you from, born? 

Oh Boy, I hope Teri has an extra page available. I married Jackie, the love of my life (POINTS – I know she’ll read this) on 4-20-2014. She expanded my family and gave me two handsome stepsons, Dylan 13 and Carsyn 8, to go along with my son Samuel 12, and daughter Layla 9 (Yes, named after the song from Eric Clapton, aka Slow Hand). On our first Anniversary, we were blessed with another son, Adam Fischer II (Yep, there are two of us) who is now 20 months old. I have a stepbrother, Jason, and a stepsister, Michelle (married to Matt Tedford, UT technician) from my Dad’s side of the family, who I grew up with from about Age 3-4, and another stepbrother, Eric, added as an adult when my Mom remarried. I was born, raised, and have lived in Louisville my entire life, except for the 7 years I spent on my undergraduate studies in Lexington at UK.

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