Key Metrics for Business Phone Systems

Having the right metrics to measure your business phone system

Key Metrics for Business Phone Systems

It is always our intent to give our customers all the information they need to run their businesses in the most effective, efficient way possible. This week we hosted three seminars for our customers to show them a new tool available to help better measure the level of service their business provides. Our new product, Unified Analytics – powered by Brightmetrics, offers an easier way to manage a ShoreTel phone platform.

Our sessions this week demonstrated how you can drill down to find out how long your customers are holding, how long they are willing to hold, the times you need more staff in place, and the call flow setup of your incoming calls, just to name a few features. This information is available whether you have a sophisticated call center or a simple hunt group that answers your main number.

Peter Hornberger, from Brightmetrics in California, shared his expertise with us over three sessions in Louisville and Lexington. He shared that the testimony from one of the companies using this tool. “We’ve never been able to get this kind of information from our ShoreTel system. It helps us with both employee productivity and customer service,” they said.

Key metrics every contact center manager should know

Peter’s key focus during the seminars are elaborated on in the first three metrics of the white paper available below. The first is abandon rate or percentage of calls that hang up before being answered by a person or routed in an automated method. He spelled out the ideal “healthy” abandon rate (which is surprisingly not 0) and showed abandonment rate against ideal customer satisfaction scores.

The next metric measured was the amount of time a caller waits before hanging up. Peter explained why this is important in relation to overall queue time and staffing levels.

And finally we explored the total time an agent or person handling the call actually spends on the call. This total time includes all talk time as well as hold and transfer time.

To learn why these measurements, and more, are important to you download the white paper “5 Metrics that Every Contact Center Manager Should Know.” If you missed our seminar or attended and still want to learn more about this business tool we would be happy to set up a demo using your business’ actual data. Call (502) 708-3330 to schedule.

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