Top 4 Reason Companies are moving to the cloud

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Top 4 Reason Companies are moving to the cloud

Unless you live in the deepest recesses of the techy phobic, you’ve heard the term “cloud technology” bandied about pretty frequently. Why is the cloud so talked about? Because it offers great advantages for efficiency and growth, no matter the size of your company. You’ll find that many professionals are working solely or partially with cloud-based systems, from solopreneurs to large corporations.

If you’re not currently using cloud-based technology, here are some excellent reasons to consider it.

Top 4 Reasons Companies Are Moving to the Cloud

  1. Initial Investment. With Cloud based systems, there’s no or very little initial investment. If you purchase a new software or system for your company that’s no cloud based, you need to pay up front for the hardware, software, and any technological expertise to integrate the system with what you already have. With cloud based technology, you get access to the entirety of the technology without any of the initial investment.
  2. Cost Savings. Purchasing a system often means more than the initial investment. It may mean keeping IT personnel on staff or maintenance to servers. With cloud-based technology, there is a monthly fee which you can easily budget into your overhead and there aren’t any surprise fees from servers crashing or employee errors causing issues with your system.
  3. Security. It’s common for people to worry more about security with cloud based because it’s not internal. However, that also means that there’s no danger of losing records which are only available on site and you also have the added benefit of a large team of advanced personnel specifically trained in IT security.
  4. Accessibility. Cloud-based technology is always available. If you have an internet connection, you can log in. This is advantageous if you’re on the road, want to work from home, or if the electric goes out in your office.

Cloud-based systems offer a level playing field to smaller businesses and great efficiency in communication and productivity to larger ones. Not only does your company benefit from the best new technology, you eliminate the need (and tremendous cost) of upgrading your system every few years.

All the reasons listed above make it essential to look at cloud for your business.  But pure cloud is not the only solution that will deliver the 4 concepts above.  Our Managed Services solution could be the answer for you.  What about a mix of premise and cloud?  We know what’s out there.  Let us help you choose the best ‘cloud’ for your business. Talk to one of our technology specialists now.

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