Importance of Collaboration in a business setting.

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Importance of Collaboration in a business setting.

More and more companies are embracing a less traditional work environment and leaning heavily on a work situation that is very different than what it used to be.

How exactly are business roles changing? We are glad that you asked! Our partner, Mitel, wrote an interesting article about the important tools needed for successful collaboration, you can check it out here.

Varied Resources

The first most noticeable difference is that businesses are leaning toward outsourcing their work. From freelancers to contract labor, companies are using this option to scale their business up and down depending on the need at the time. This eliminates the need for layoffs and prevents overstaffing in a company.

Relying on the Cloud

Being able to stay connected on the go is a very important component of the evolving business world. With more and more employees working remotely it is imperative that they are able to stay connected.

Flex Schedule

Many employers are realizing that as long as the work gets done, properly, it doesn’t matter when or where it gets done. Many employees are juggling the demands of a busy life outside of work, so to offer flex hours it is often the most highly sought-after benefit that can be offered.Advances in online collaboration allow for flex schedules to be successful for employees.

Supporting Wanderlust

Many companies are becoming very supportive of employees with a serious case of wanderlust, realizing that it doesn’t so much matter where people work, just as long as they have the tools to get their job done. This is where collaboration comes in, providing valuable employees with the tools they need to complete their work, be it at the beach or their desk.

There are so many different tools to consider when moving towards collaboration that it is easy to become overloaded. Mitel wrote a great post about how to avoid potential overload, you can check it out here.

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