Employee Spotlight – Harold Rood

Harold, his fiancé, and their kids at the Autism walk in Lexington this summer.

Harold, his fiancé, and their kids at the Autism walk in Lexington this summer.

Harold Rood is an integral part of our Security and Structured Cabling Division.  He’s a big-hearted teddy bear that would do anything you ask of him.  His work ethic has impressed countless customers and he’s a true team player and leader in that division.  Here’s a little more about Harold in his own words.  Harold is definitely a man of few words, but hey, actions always speak louder than words, right?

1. Tell us a little bit about the type of work you do at Unified Technologies

As an Infrastructure Technician, I communicate with our customers and oversee projects.

2. When you aren’t at work, what keeps you busy?

My family

3. Have you always been in this industry? If not, what brought you where you are today?

Always been in it

4. What’s one thing you love about what you do for a living?

Meeting new people

5. What you do for fun or to unwind?

Go fishing

6. If you could do one thing for a living that had nothing to do with your current job, what would it be?

Work with Special Needs kids ( Harold organized a team to participate in the Autism Walk this summer in Lexington)

7. Is there something fun or interesting that you’d like people to know about you?

I recently got engaged.  (Congratulations,Harold!)

8. Favorite food or snack

Bud Light  (and yes, beer is definitely a food group)

9. Family info – kids, siblings, where are you from, born?

I was raised in a Military family, I have 3 daughters and when I marry next fall I’ll be adding 4 more kids to my family.

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