The Customer Service Report Card – Can you get Straight A’s from your team?

customer service report-card

There are a lot of articles out there about Customer Service.  Apparently, the first week of October is ‘National Customer Service Week’ — an annual celebration that honors customer service and those who deliver it.

Okay, but doesn’t just about everyone who has a job deliver customer service?

Sure, some employees are more customer facing than others, but everyone who takes home a paycheck has a customer involved along the way.  The customers buy the goods that keep the business going.  So here’s to everyone who works in the world.  Hopefully, all are delivering great customer service.  Here’s a question for anyone trying to deliver great customer service…

Can you get straight A’s from your team?

In an effort to simplify this and condense the multitude of articles written on the subject I created a report card for customer service.  If you want to get ‘all A’s’ then follow this list of A’s.


They say attitude is everything for a reason.  “It’s contagious” And I believe it’s the biggest component to great customer service.  If your employees have the right attitude, delivering great customer service should be a piece of cake. Every employee has an effect on customer service.  If an employee is not directly customer facing they can do their job behind the scenes to address processes and issues as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure the customer experience is always great.  Happy employees smile when they answer the phone.  If you are not responsible for answering the phone, be responsible for putting a smile on the faces of your fellow employees.  Give them a pat on the back, make the next pot of coffee, pitch in where you can, ask how they’re doing. People who feel liked and appreciated will naturally have a more positive approach to their jobs.


I saw this in an article and I thought it hit the nail on the head.  As Adam Toporek said in his article Examples of Customer Service, “Awareness is one of the great differentiators between good service and great service. Are you reading the body language of the person tapping their foot while waiting in your lobby? Are you on top of the fact that your key customer did not send you a holiday basket for the first time in 15 years? Awareness entails noticing the details and looking for the silent problems that go unmentioned. Awareness is an inherently proactive activity. It takes desire to be “always on” and the courage to look for problems to put on your desk when you have plenty there already.”

In this age of smart devices, it’s sometimes difficult to look up from their screens and really see what’s going on around you.


Well, I’m really talking about tools but who ever heard of a T on a report card?  So…apparatuses it is.  These are the tools put in place to make us more efficient, to measure the customer experience and to deliver better, quicker and friendlier every time we work with a customer.  We have tools (apparatuses) in place here at Unified Technologies.  Our Unified Analytics provides reports to see how quickly we answer customer calls, how many calls are waiting to be answered and how many people we need on hand to handle the calls.  We have a group of trained technicians available to answer customer calls in the hope that we can provide first call resolution as often as possible because, face it, everyone wants their problem resolved as quickly as possible.


This ‘A’ is twofold.  Great customer service delivers an answer to a problem or question as quickly as possible. Take care of the customer’s concern and send them back to do the things they really want or need to do.  But there is also the ‘way’ we answer.  If you can answer calls with ‘warm smiles that you can feel through the phone’.

Always on

Make an effort to really understand the customers’ problems.  Don’t’ multi-task while you are dealing with a customer.  No matter how good you think you are at doing two things at once, people can tell when they don’t have your undivided attention.  Keep your ‘great service’ attitude on at all times.  Use it on your internal customers as well as those outside your company.  Deliver with speed, courtesy, and accuracy when someone asks for your help whether they are a customer or a coworker.

So, did you make the grade?

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