Unified Technologies and Louisville Bats Baseball

A Grand Slam Relationship

“Hardware is hardware but it’s the people you partner with that make a project successful. That’s why we went with Unified to start with.”

That’s what Deuce Sapp, Chief Information Officer for the Crown Plaza Hotel said about partnering with Unified Technologies for their new phone system.

It’s been a week since the completion of an installation of over 900 phones, integration with an existing property management system and training of 60 plus employees working 3 different shifts. Everything is done and running smoothly. It took a complete team effort but The Crown Plaza Hotel was ready for the crowds of Street Rod enthusiasts last weekend and the Fair Goers coming in next week. Whenever the Fair Grounds are busy, the Crown Plaza is busy.

The new Mitel phone system replaced a 25 year old Nortel system. According to Deuce “We definitely got our mileage out of it. It was a big project and investment. So far, I can’t believe how seamless the transition has been. There have been no complaints from the staff at all.”

Alen Mrsic and Doug Banks during the installation at the Crowne Plaza

Alen Mrsic and Doug Banks during the installation at the Crowne Plaza

“The system’s working great…smoothest phone cutover I’ve ever experienced. It’s a testament to the Unified team from the project managers to the engineers, everyone played an active role and really seemed to care about the project.

The integration with the wakeup call software has been a big time saver and convenience for the front desk staff. Wake up calls can be set for the duration of the guests stay. There are several exciting advancements for us.

While there have been a few little housekeeping items, the Unified team has been on them almost immediately regardless of the time of day (even on weekends). It prompted the General Manager, John Shake to ask “How do they make any money?”

I finished our conversation by asking the one question I like to ask every Unified customer. If you could describe Unified in one word, what would that be? Deuce took a while to answer saying ”

“One word, I only get one to use? …. Unified Technologies is…. Passionate.”


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