Top 7 Industries That Use Phone Systems to Run Their Businesses

Top 7 Industries That Use Phone Systems to Run Their Businesses

Top 7 Industries That Use Phone Systems to Run Their Businesses Nowadays, business phone systems allow the handling of hundreds of calls at once and can readily integrate mobile devices and remote technology. Whether it be premise or cloud-based, here are a few businesses that rely heavily on phone systems to ensure that their organizations function successfully:

Phone Systems for Health Care Practitioners

Doctors and other healthcare providers require reliable telecommunication devices to help ensure that they can monitor patients appropriately. By receiving prompt notifications of a patients’ changing condition, physicians are able to respond quickly and help save lives.

Doctor offices often include separate phone extensions for the appointment desk, nurse lines, prescription services and general voicemails. There may also be after-hour lines for emergency contacts to an on-call physician. Additionally, some healthcare providers are embracing web-based calls and other types of digital communication that allow for video conferencing. Many of these phone features must include privacy options for HIPAA compliance.

Phone Systems for Law Firms

Legal offices attempt to provide the best service possible to their clients, and a quality phone system can help. Lawyers understand that improvements in communication can facilitate collaboration to make it easier to negotiate settlements, gather witness information and keep clients informed.

Many offices use specialized phone services, such as call recording and voicemail-to-email features. Additionally, the use of phone conferencing tools, such as video conferencing, allows attorneys to speak face-to-face without spending excess time and money for travel.

Phone Systems for Colleges and Universities

Educational facilities also benefit from the use of phone systems. These systems may include paging devices so that educators can be reached regardless of where they are on campus. In addition, text messaging and call automation helps schools notify students of important information in one mass communication. This can be especially helpful during emergency situations.

Phone Systems for Charities and Churches

Churches and other nonprofit organizations may work with other charities thousands of miles away. In some areas, landlines may not be available. As a result, modern phone systems that allow calls over the internet may be needed. Additionally, mass notifications can be sent via text messaging or through automated phone calls to help keep nonprofit partners and contributors abreast of important information.

Phone Systems for Government Contractors

Businesses that contract with the government must ensure that their phone communications remain secure and comply with the details of their contract. As a result, specialized conference calling and video conferencing applications may be needed. In addition, phone services that permit the sharing of important documents or screenshots in a secure environment may be necessary.

Phone Systems for the Hospitality Industry

Hotels and other hospitality businesses require systems that can handle a large number of phone lines at once. Not only are incoming lines needed for the front desk, each room must have a separate line that can contact other phones within the hotel and beyond the hotel’s premises. Also, lines that are assigned to specific departments, such as housekeeping and room service, must be available.

Phone Systems for Customer Service Call Centers

Customer service call centers rely heavily on complicated phone systems. Calls must be routed to individual customer service reps and not remain in queue for prolonged periods. In addition, the ability to transfer calls to other phone operators is necessary. The call center may also require call monitoring capabilities for quality assurance purposes.

Though your usage of a phone at home may have decreased, the need for good, flexible and reliable phone systems in offices is still a big priority. As you can see, many different businesses require the use of phone systems. Without this technology, few industries could function efficiently. If you are a startup that’s outgrown your cell phones or Google Voice account, or if you’re an established business that’s looking for a more flexible phone system, you might want to download our managed services infographic. It combines a premised-based solution with a cloud-based option. We think its the best of both worlds. It’s our most popular option and can really scale and grow with your business.

How does your phone system help your business run smoothly? Reach out to a technology specialist if you are ready to assess or upgrade your business phone system.

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