Questions to Ask Before Signing a Managed Services Contract

Questions to Ask Before Signing a Managed Services Contract

Questions to Ask Before Signing a Managed Services ContractBefore signing a managed services contract, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself. After all, you must determine what you are looking for to be sure that you will be satisfied with your outcome.

There are many different types of managed services. Probably more than you realize. Business 2 Community recently published an article onĀ The Many Flavors of Managed Services if you need an idea of all that’s out there. Below we will focus on the type of managed services that we do best: Voice.

So back to those questions. What do you need to ask yourself before signing a managed services contract? Below are three important questions that will get you going in the right direction.

Will this system grow with my business?

The reason you are interested in going with a managed services option for your phone system is so that you can pay a low monthly rate for a phone system that grows with you. That means that as you add people to your business, your contract allows you to add on more phones at a low cost. Another measure of how well your phone system will grow with you is whether or not your contract provides for the implementation of new technology into your phone system at a low cost. Check these things out and compare prices before you sign the contract!

Does the system as a whole accomplish the goals I have in mind for my company?

Before you sign a managed services contract, you should consider whether or not the communication system as a whole can accomplish your goals. Make sure that the company providing you with the managed services offer is aware of your business needs. If the contract does not thoroughly explain how the system will address your greatest needs, then you should look elsewhere. Proper planning is essential to accomplishing your business goals.

Does the system go above and beyond in solving problems for your company?

Before you sign a managed services contract, you should check to see if it addresses current issues in your communication system and maps out a plan to solve them. A good system will eradicate problems and foresee potential problems that could arise as your company grows. If a strategy for addressing problems is not included, then you should rethink before signing the offer.

We hope this post helped you on the road to finding a communication system that fits your business perfectly! Talk to one of our technology specialists about your business needs today if you are looking for a business phone system that answers all of these questions with a resounding YES!

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