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Memorable Customer ServiceAt Unified we strive to provide a memorable experience every time we work with our customers. In fact, it’s the first of our company’s six core values – Build Memorable Relationships. That said, it never hurts to be reminded of how to accomplish the task.

I came across a great article in the latest edition of Great America Leasing’s newsletter. It talks about 3 things to focus on to create memorable experiences for your customers. If your company is like most, great customer service is a key to your success.Great America Leasing is one of our business partners. We work closely with them and share ideas with them.

Their article points out 3 ways to make your customers’ experiences more memorable, and below we have summarized the three main points.

1. Attitude and Effort – something you have complete control of that can change the way you interact with your customers.

2. Passion – My personal favorite; in fact, I have a quote above my desk that reads “Lack of Passion is Fatal”. (See it right there next to my Packer tickets?). It can’t be faked, but if you’ve got it, your customers will feel it.

3. Focus – In this day of technology overload it is sometimes difficult to give your customer your undivided attention. Yet, if you don’t, you may not completely understand what they need from you. Customers want your undivided attention. It’s memorable.

You can read the full article here or talk to a Unified technology specialist for a memorable customer service experience.

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