The Funny Squishy Things in our Conference Room

The Funny Squishy Things in our Conference Room

The Funny Squishy Things in our Conference Room We have a lot of visitors to our office. Some come to network with our account reps; some come to see our product offerings. We offer training to our existing customers on a monthly basis so there’s always a big group for that and sometimes our customers borrow our facilities to host their own off site meetings or events. Lots of visitors means lots of questions about the ‘toys’ in the main conference room.

They may look like toys but they serve a purpose. This set of 6 squeeze forms serve a purpose in our EOS meetings. They relax sensitive situations. They make it easier to address difficult topics. They make it fun. Here’s how they work.

The elephant is used when there’s an obvious issue that is being avoided or ignored. throw the elephant to break the tension and bring the topic to the forefront.

The squirrel, which is used quite often depending on which of our employees is in the meeting, is tossed when someone gets off topic. SQUIRREL!

The cow represents a ‘sacred cow’. Saying, “That’s the way we’ve always done it” will get the cow thrown in your direction. It will encourage new ideas and out of the box thinking.

Act stubborn or disruptive or rude and the horse will be thrown at you. Backwards. So you get hit with the horse’s backside, if you get our point.

If your facts are questioned, the bull will be tossed. You better prove your point or adjust it so no bull is spoken. (Not that any of our staff would EVER have this figure thrown in his or her direction.)

And saving the best for last, the gold cup is tossed when a great idea is presented. The more the gold cup is tossed, the better.

So, while we do have quite a lot of meetings in our office every week, they are productive and fun. If you’d like more information on our cushy meeting methods, let us know. We’d be glad to share our stories with you.

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