Change for the better

Things are Changing around UT and change is good!

Change for the better

Change is good. Change helps you keep up in the world of technology, which is important because communications moves fast! We’ve made a few changes here at Unified that we believe will benefit our customers and staff greatly.

Change in Our Sales and Project Management Departments

The change here at Unified Technologies this month is taking place in our Sales and Project Management departments. We’ve created a new role and one of our original team members is excited to fill that.

High level, complex software applications often play a key role in driving a company’s decision to partner with us. We felt like we needed to focus more energy on that area of our business. In the end we developed a position that would work with a business from the beginning, designing a solution to meet their business needs until the solution was installed and their staff fully trained. Andi Reyes jumped at the chance to fill this new role at Unified. She has spent the last 7 years leading the Project Management Department and has always focused on advanced software applications from call centers to mobility and recording solutions. She’s the perfect fit and is excited about the possibilities of her new role. To fill her spot in Project Management, David Balcom joined the Unified Team on June 1. He has a history with some of the UT team and is excited to again be working with our group. Here’s more from Andi and Dave.

A conversation with David –

After recently wrapping up a four year contract implementing cloud-based voice services for national accounts I wanted to get back to my roots and work locally within the Louisville area. My first thought and subsequent phone call was to Scott Diamond at Unified Technologies who I had worked with in the past in the telecom business at Cedco. I knew that he and Mike Fischer had been successfully growing Unified Technologies in such a way over the past few years that it would be a great place to land.

After meeting with Scott and hearing how much Unified had going on and the culture they had in place, it was an easy decision. My wife was on board from the beginning since she actually knew Scott from being a past customer.

What’s really made the whole move special is reuniting with some folks that I had worked with before. The whole staff maintains a family atmosphere. Everyone is very passionate about the company they work for and the customers they service.

Coming into my new role within the project management team, I’ve spent the first week immersing myself to get a feel for the company. I can honestly say in my 30 years in the telecom business I have never seen so much focus directed at customer care and the user experience. Exemplary service is a rewarding thing to see these days in a company and I’m really looking forward to contributing my part. My core focus will always be to ensure that our Project Management team has the support and resources to maintain the highest level of customer care imaginable. Being in a technology-driven business that is constantly evolving, we can never settle in. It will be key for us to constantly reevaluate ourselves and our practices.

Andi’s thoughts on her new role –

My venture at Unified has always been exciting . I feel like I’ve always had something to contribute and although my title has changed many times my passion has always remained the same. It doesn’t matter what you want to call it, I’m passionate about educating and helping customers. I find my energy and excitement from listening to customers problems and pain points and then helping design a plan to eliminate them. I like to be in the center of the action and if I’ve made an impact on their business and they say WOW, then I’ve done my job and I’m ready for the next challenge. So, the change in what you call me might be different, but really I just have more time to help with the opportunities that need me.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit more about what we do at Unified. Please comment below and tell us your favorite quote on change!

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