Deploying a Phone System that Works for Remote Employees

cloud-based phone system

Think for a second about the challenge of hiring a significant number of new employees within a short period of time. Finding the right talent that will do the job exceptionally well and meet the demands of your growing business would certainly be difficult.

As a manager, you know that finding employees with the right skill set might require you to look outside of your current brick and mortar office location. If your goal is to find the right people, their location is not as critical as them being the right fit for your business.

Of course, each new employee will have a personal smartphone they can use remotely, but you know that business calls are better conducted on a private line that provides more reliable call quality. You need your team to be efficient and professional as quickly as possible. How will you ensure you have a phone system for the new remote employees that will enable them to be productive right away?

On-Premise Phone Systems May Limit Remote Employees

Generally, the benefits of on-premise phone systems are about reliability, caller identification, and voicemail functionality. Businesses that have onsite systems want to maintain control of their technology, have concerns about data privacy and often have international locations.

Modern cloud phones systems, on the other hand, allow employees (including remote workers) to:

  • Quickly set up new phone lines
  • Take advantage of click-to-dial technology
  • Implement detailed call analytics
  • Easily link their phone to CRM and ERP applications
  • Get live help directly from their phones without engaging IT

If you’re growing, hiring and building a business that leverages remote staff, then an on-premise phone system without cloud functionality might be limiting their productivity.

Is a Cloud Phone System the Solution?

With cloud-based VoIP technology, you no longer have to deal with these challenges. Onboarding a new remote employee is as simple as purchasing a phone, connecting it to the Internet and downloading some software.

You don’t have to worry about the added setup, management, or maintenance costs. Your employees have immediate access to the exact same functionality as your on-site employees. And perhaps best of all, cloud phone providers ensure your phone system is constantly upgraded and protected. All these changes provide your company improved uptime, call reliability and customer experience.

Cloud-based phone system just makes things simpler.

If you’re looking for a more effective way to sync remote workers to your company’s network, then you may want to consider moving to the cloud

If you’d like to examine cloud phone system options for your company, contact us and let’s determine what makes the most sense for your company’s situation.

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