ShoreTel phone system tips

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ShoreTel phone system tips

If you are a person who is deadline driven, or if you are just a person who has ever needed to talk to someone ASAP, it can be frustrating when you can’t get ahold of the person you need to reach. With ShoreTel’s Alert When Ready function, you can set up a notification that will alert you the second the person you are trying to reach becomes available. This feature is a lifesaver when you need your coworker’s help to get something across the finish line.

Maybe you’ve called them all morning with no response, and when you check back after lunch, their status shows that they are in a meeting. Bummer. As soon as they get out, the ShoreTel system will alert you, so you can give them a call or jump up and grab them at your desk once their meeting is done.

Check out a visual demonstration of this feature below and subscribe to our Youtube channel to get all the ShoreTel tips that will make your life simpler. With the ShoreTel phone system, your communication possibilities are endless!

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