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So you have a brand new, fully functioning phone system that your boss says will make your team much more efficient, but you missed the training session where a Unified project manager came and taught you how to use the phone. Maybe you were in the training session but need a refresher. Using a new system can take some time to get used to, but we promise that once you get the hang of it, it will make your life a lot easier! Below are three reasons why you should sign up for a ShoreTel seminar.

#1 To Learn Something New

Even if you paid attention and took great notes during the initial training, there are probably a few tips you missed. Besides, our project managers don’t cover everything in that first training session. There are always tips and tricks to make things easier and make you more productive at work, which is the whole goal of the ShoreTel system in the first place.

At our last ShoreTel seminar, Melissa taught a group of our clients how to change the buttons on the monitor to speed dial certain contacts that they call often. That way, if your position does not receive a large number of calls at one time, you are making use of the buttons on the monitor that are set as the default to be multiple phone lines.

No matter how long you’ve had our ShoreTel system, we are sure you can learn something new in one of our training sessions.

#2 Get a Better Handle on the Basics

The first day with your new phone is going great, and then you get your first call. You see the client’s name pop up on your caller ID and realize that they need to speak with one of your coworkers to work through their issue. Trying to remember how to transfer a call, panic sets in. You know you had this down last week in training. You took great notes and everything, but when your first real call comes in, it’s easy to get intimidated and freeze.

Coming to a ShoreTel training will ensure that you get lots of practice on the basics! That way when you get your first call, you will be able to handle it like a pro.

#3 See how others are using their ShoreTel system

Hosting ShoreTel seminars and training sessions over the years has taught us that every company has a unique way of using and managing their ShoreTel system. Learning how other companies use and administer their phone systems can give you ideas on how to increase productivity in your workplace.

Even if another company’s way of doing something wouldn’t work exactly in your office, it can help you think outside of the box and implement a similar solution to improve communications for your business.

For more resources like training videos and tech assistance, check out the customer central portal on our web page! For more tips on using the ShoreTel phone system, subscribe to our Youtube channel and check out our Just One Thing video series.

We hope to see you out at one of our seminars soon! Sign up here!

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