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Just One Thing | History Tab

business phone system LouisvilleIn this one-minute video, Jeff Welton will share with you “Just One Thing” he loves about the ShoreTel phone system.

Some people are blessed with the ability to remember names, and that is a true gift for sure! For the rest of us, it can take multiple encounters with a new acquaintance before their name sticks. This can make it difficult and frustrating when we need to contact someone, but are not sure how to look them up.

With the history tab, you can go right to your computer or phone and scroll through your most recent 1,000 calls to find the contact you need. That way, if you know that you followed up with that new acquaintance by phone last Tuesday but completely blanked on their name, you can quickly get the information with a click of the mouse.

Check out the video below for a visual demonstration of this feature.

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