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We always say that our customers are more than customers, they’re our partners. In the case of Integrity IT, that is true in every sense of the word. We began partnering with the team at Integrity IT on several projects in late 2012. By mid 2013 they became a true customer when we installed a ShoreTel phone system in their Lexington office. Then, a year later, we became a customer of theirs. They assist us on any and all computer and network needs. Their staff is always helpful and a pleasure to work with. In their own words, here’s a little more about them and their relationship with us.

What is your relationship with Unified (what do you provide, how are you partners,etc.)?

We partner with Unified in two ways, as a customer and a provider. We are a customer of their ShoreTel phone solution and they are a customer of our Managed IT Services. When we say partner, we really mean, a true partner! What we each specialize in requires the service of the other. We often find ourselves selling their solution and them selling ours!

What drew your company to make a connection with Unified Technologies?

As an IT managed services company, we did not want nor did we have the necessary experience on staff to sell phone solutions and to support them long term. While VoIP services are heavily data and network infrastructure dependent – the function of phone usage is quite a different business model. We could not be the best at both, so we partnered with Unified who we thought was the best at telephony!

Tell us about your company and what you do.

Our company specializes in IT managed services and the support of all systems related to Information Technology. Consider us your IT department, not just your “IT guy”. We are not geeks, we are seasoned professionals who have come into technology from various former fields such as Engineering, Social Services, Finance, and Healthcare (we employee nurses!) Yes we understand technology but we must understand the business our clients are about to make technology actually work, thrive, and bring a real return on investment.

If you could describe Unified in one word, what would that be?

Delivery… Unified, like us, delivers what they promise. No surprises.

How has using Unified benefited you and your company?

We now have a phone system that can grow without more surprise “add on’s” and does not become “End of life” around each new agenda the vendor wants to promote from year to year. Our investment has remained an investment, not a continued expense.

We hope you enjoyed reading about Integrity IT. If you’re interested, check out our last customer spotlight on OPC Pest Control.

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